28 day love letter ritual

As Valentine's day looms you may find yourself asking questions like “Am I loved?”, “Am I in Love?”,“Am I truly happy?”, “Have I found one?” 

At Comic Crystals, we are taking a slightly different approach to this Valentine's day. We are putting relationships with others aside and dedicating the full month of February to self-love and the Rose Quartz Gemstone!

Rose Quartz is a crystal that promotes and connects us to the best type of love, self-love. Ultimately unconditionally loving oneself allows you to receive love from the universe and others around you. Self-love can sound selfish, but you need to work on self-love before all else. Once you've mastered your acceptance and appreciation of yourself, your love vibrations will flow and spill out into the cosmos.

For the next 28 days, we would like you to write daily love letters to yourself. 

It may seem crazy but there are some major plus sides. After 28 days of reminding yourself how great and worthy you are, you will naturally begin to feel it and when you feel it you will share it. Your love letters can be short reminders on post-it notes or pages of self-devotion. This is your month of love. You choose what you need to hear and how you need to hear it.

Love letter

Before putting pen to paper, we recommend working on balancing or removing any blockages in the heart chakra. This will let your loving energy flow naturally into the letters you are writing. 

Why the heart Chakra is important 

The Heart chakra houses the energy for self-love and self-esteem as well as helping us to attract romantic love. If loving yourself doesn't come easily, you may find it hard to love and accept the love of others. This may cause an imbalance or block in the heart chakra that your crystals can help you work through. 

Rose quartz, heart chakra, valentines day

Balancing your heart chakra 

Begin by placing a Rose Quartz crystal to your heart, imagine a soft pink light all around you. Take three deep breaths and repeat the words.

‘I am loved, I am loveable, I am worthy of love’ 

With every inhale breathe in love and light and every exhale release what no longer serves you.  Repeat for 5 rounds and finish by holding your crystal in your right hand as this is your receiving hand and say: 

‘I command that this crystal holds my intention of self-love and care’ 

Once your heart Chakra is opened and balanced

  • You receive love in abundance.
  • You share your loving energy freely. 
  • You attract healthy relationships. 
  • You love yourself and your imperfections. 
  • You are able to see love around you and have love for the universe. 
  • You allow yourself to surrender to unconditional love.
  • You manifest your dreams and see endless opportunities.
  • You forgive others who have caused you harm. 
  • You wish all well.

Crystals to use 

Rose Quartz is the most popular stone of the heart. It symbolises eternal and everlasting love for ourselves and others. It is said to enhance and attract love and romance in virtually any situation.

Rose quartz jewellery

We would like everyone to take care of their heart this February. When we work together to raise the loving energy from within, we raise the energy of those around us.

Love and light cosmic crystals xx