5 tips to find a crystal that is right for you

Crystals have captured the human imagination for thousands of years. So why do we love crystals so much?
Well firstly because they are beautiful and secondly because they are a gift from nature itself helping you to heal yourself from different ailments and conditions! And that is pretty awesome! Here are our top 5 tips to find your perfect crystal companion...

1) My best tip is don’t over-think it 
If you listen to your intuition, you are normally drawn to the crystal that is right for you. You'll probably find when you research into your chosen stone that it provides the perfect remedy for whatever you are going through. This is because crystals help to bring our energy into vibrational harmony. When our energy is off centre in any areas we are said to be drawn to crystals that can help stabilise and harmonise the energy in that area. 

2) Sometimes crystals will be passed to you from another person. 
Sometimes a friend will feel the need to pass you or give you a crystal for no particular reason. They just have a very strong urge to do so as the crystal emits this frequency. This works both ways and you will know when this happens. Simply pass it on and good will come to you. It is said that giving a crystal helps to emit even more energy which is always a good thing! 

3) Choose stones based on their meaning. 
Its always a good idea to choose stones based on the intentions we want to improve on. Sometimes a crystal will call you urgently and you didn't even know that condition existed within you or was wrong. The crystal for you may not be the most beautiful one but you will just know. Take a look at our crystal meanings page to choose a stone based on the meaning you're looking for.

5) Notice Your Emotions
As you scan over a selection of crystals either online or in real life, notice any emotions that come up as you gaze at different stones. How does its appearance make you feel? What feelings come up inside of you? If you get a reaction from certain crystals or some seem to just "pop" out to you, it could be that this is the stone that is resonating with the energy that you most need. 

5) Take the Crystal Quiz 
If you are still not sure what crystal is for you then we have done most of the hard part for you at Cosmic Crystals. Try out of Crystal Quiz to see which gemstone you need most. Take THE CRYSTAL QUIZ