Preparing For The Autumn Equinox | 2020

As summer 2020 finally comes to a close, most of us would agree it's been a summer like no other; plenty of change, uncertainty and cancelled plans. But there are still events that won't be postponed, ones that carry on regardless of rules and regulations, and the Autumn Equinox is one of those.

autumn equinox

So, as we pack away our summer clothes and dig out our favourite jumpers, we can use this time for self-reflection and transition, by giving thanks for what we have and preparing for the change the winter months will bring. 

The Equinox will occur on 22nd September 2020 and it’s on this day that we will be receiving equal amounts of powerful moon and sun energy. This energy creates balance and harmony around the earth which we are able to tap into. The Equinox is the perfect time to set new intentions or tweak some existing ones to align with this time of change, renewal and balance.

When setting your intentions, its great to harness the power of balancing gemstones. Perfect crystals to work with at this time are Opalite Moonstone and Clear Quartz.

Opalite crystals possess enlightened female energy, which stabilises our emotions during this transitional time. This gemstone provides us with the confidence, certainty and trust to see our intentions and plans come to fruition. 

Moonstone ring

Clear Quartz brings true masculine vibrations. This masculine energy can be used to activate or re-energise our energy fields in order to ground our energy to the magnetic core of the Earth. This gemstone provides us with the gratitude to reflect on all that we have achieved in this turbulent time and with the positivity to trust that all we need will be provided for us in the coming months.

Working with these together will help create the balance between masculine and feminine energies, yin & yang; a perfect combination for the Autumn Equinox. 💕

When using these crystals to set your new intentions for the coming winter months you may wish to: 

  • Include these crystals on an altar or in your sacred space
  • Create an Equinox crystal grid
  • Do a crystal meditation focusing on your intention as a mantra.
  • Or simply keep them close by when focusing on your intentions