Colour Healing with Crystals

Did you know the colour of your crystals has its own healing properties?

Blue and green are calming, black absorbs negative energy, and red and orange have ties with vitality. The energetic properties of each colour can be applied to crystals. Thus, blue and green crystals have the same soothing properties as the colours, black crystals can absorb negative energy, and so on.  

Black is a protective colour that is capable of absorbing any negative energy directed your way. It is also grounding, and helps you reconnect with the outside world after you’ve been interacting with beings in other planes or feel a little out of touch with reality. Black Tourmaline is an example of a black crystal, and it absorbs negativity as well as having a grounding effect. Black Onyx hones in on this grounding effect, helping you get your affairs that have to do with the physical world in order. Shungite and Obsidian are also black stones with these properties.

Red and orange both have ties with energy and vitality. Red is also connected with passion, strength, and willpower. Orange, on the other hand, is a colour that has to do with creativity. In turn, red crystals such as Ruby, Garnet, and Red Jasper have to do with physical and spiritual strength. On the other hand, orange crystals such as Carnelian and Orange Calcite are revitalising and they stimulate creativity. 

Yellow is also an energetic colour that can help you digest information that you may already know but that may be emotionally hard to swallow. Yellow is also associated with joy and good luck. It’s no surprise, then, that yellow crystals like Honey Calcite, Amber, and Citrine, all help people absorb new information while feeling revitalised and joyful. Yellow, especially gold, has ties to money and prosperity, which is why you’ll find gold crystals like Pyrite recommended for manifesting money. 

Pink and green are all about love (starting with self-love) and compassion. Green is also the colour of health and healing. Pink crystals such as Morganite, Rose Quartz, and Rhodonite are all about feeling love and compassion, and reconnecting with the love that’s present in your life. Green crystals such as Emerald, Green Aventurine, Moss Agate, and Jade, work great both for working on your compassion, healing any ailments and maintaining good health. Green owes its healing properties to its ties with nature. Nature has the power to restore the energy of anyone who has been ill or wounded. Green also has ties to wealth, which is why you can use crystals like Jade and Emerald to attract money into your life.  

Blue, like green, is also a soothing colour. It is also connected with communication and protection. Some blue crystals also enhance your logic and understanding. You can carry blue crystals with you like Blue Aventurine and Hawk’s Eye to communicate your point better. Other blue crystals like Lapis Lazuli and Turquoise have protective properties and can help you understand your ideas and put your thoughts in order. Blue is also the colour of water and can attract fluidity and depth.  

Purple is a colour of transformation and transmutation. Whatever it touches, it modifies and changes. Like green and gold, it has associations with wealth. This is so because in the Middle Ages, dying your clothes gold was expensive. Purple also has ties with spirituality, as a lot of spiritual leaders would wear purple clothes over time. Purple has ties with intuition and clairvoyance. It’s no wonder then that purple crystals like Amethyst can help you work on your intuition and spirituality, as well as transforming the energy of anything that’s nearby.   

White and transparent are all about light and the absence of colour. White can attract high-vibrational energies whenever it’s placed. Moonstone and Clear Quartz are examples of crystals that embody the energy of the colour white and attract positive energy wherever they are placed.

In short, the colour of a crystal can have a dramatic impact on its energetic properties. Black crystals are grounding and protective. Red and orange crystals are connected to energy and vitality. Yellow crystals are connected to good luck, joy, and absorbing knowledge. Pink and green crystals are about love and compassion. Green also has healing properties. Blue crystals are protective, and they are tied to communication and logic. Purple crystals are all about transformation, intuition, and spirituality. White and transparent crystals embody the absence of colour and attract light and high-vibrational energy.