Combining Crystals with Plants

Some potted plant and crystal combinations that are very powerful. They match many intentions, from protection to attracting love into your life.


plants and crystals


Plants and crystals make an excellent combination. Crystals are very powerful and act instantaneously on your auric field, creating a very quick change. Plants, on the other hand, are more gradual in their approach. Combining them will make you feel both instant effects and more long-term, gradual ones. Here are some crystal and plant pairings depending on what your intention is.

Calm & Soothing Nerves: When it comes to creating a relaxing environment and dealing with stress and anxiety, Sodalite is your best bet. It offers a cure for over thinking and allows you to take things one step at a time. It’s also great if you get the jitters when speaking in public. Combine it with a potted peace lily in your bedroom to foster feelings of peace and calm. You can place your Sodalite on the potted Peace Lily for it to recharge and absorb some calming, peaceful energy while you sleep.




Happiness & Vitality: Carnelian can quickly reconnect you with the pleasures of everyday life. It can increase your libido and make you more creative and lively. Combine with Lucky Bamboo to attract good fortune and happiness. This combination is great to keep in a place that’s frequented by a lot of people, like your living room, and you can always grab your Carnelian piece when you need to carry that energy with you. 




Protection: To keep your aura protected from any negative energy that may come your way, combine Onyx with any cactus you like. Cacti absorb any negativity directed your way, so pay attention if your cactus starts to look a bit dull, even if it gets plenty of sun. Someone may be trying to send you something nasty. Onyx has the capacity to absorb anything that shouldn’t be there as well, and it’s grounding, too. 




Wealth & Good Luck: Citrine is the colour of gold. When combined with a potted plant such as Zanzibar Gem, that is also linked to good fortune and wealth, you have created an unstoppable combination. Any place of your house or office where you decide to place this combination will become an instant money magnet. If you need to carry that energy with you (perhaps to negotiate a promotion or ask for a loan to start your business), place your Citrine piece inside your wallet and see the money flow into your life.




Attracting Love (or Self-Love): We can all do with a bit more love in our lives, even if it’s just from ourselves. Combining Rose Quartz with the Anthurium flower can help you attract high-vibrational love quickly. This combination is better placed in your bedroom. Remember to use manifestation techniques and actually make a space in your house for your new lover. 



Have you ever thought about combining crystals and plants? Do you have any of these plants and want to purchase a crystal to amplify their properties? Check out our shops tumblestones and mix them with your favourite plants. These combinations also make for excellent gifts.