Connect to your Spirit Guides with Crystals

🔮 All you need to do is, ASK, BELIEVE, RECEIVE! 🔮

Feel like you could use some divine wisdom?

connect to spirit guides with crystals

Have faith that the powers that be are always with you, sending you blessings, protecting you and guiding you through your soul’s journey. Forever and always.

Your intuition is your connection to source, the divine, your angels, your guides and your higher self. Unconsciously, you are always at one with this energy. When you intentionally want to seek this connection, all you need to do is ask and tap into your cosmic portal of higher intelligence to allow this connection to flow through you.

During meditation, when the mind is still and focused, you are more receptive to receiving messages and downloads from the divine to your higher self. Through conscious awareness, crystals can help you amplify your intentions and thoughts so that you can remain in the moment and receive with ease.

Meditating with high vibration crystals is your fast-track way to open that connection. When you are in an open state, you can begin to receive messages in ways you never even imagined!

The language of the universe is love and the wisdom you receive will be multidimensional. Here is one technique we believe to help you with your practice.

meditating with amethyst


Take your cleansed and charged crystal, and hold it in your left hand. Close your eyes, relax, take a few deep breaths. Now, in your mind, program your crystal with the following affirmation:

“I wish to open my connection with the divine and my spirit guides”.

Repeat as many times as you feel compelled to.

Feel the feelings of gratitude expanding inside your body as you say these words. 🙏

Now, imagine pure white or silver light flowing from the universe into the top of your head (your crown chakra) and surrounding your aura. Feel celestial energy flowing from your crystal, penetrating into your left hand and filling your entire being with loving energy. You may be able to hear a high pitch sound or frequency in your ear. You are accessing your personal portal and are now connected to your crystal and the angelic realm.

Sometimes you may be given mysterious signs and symbols. Other times it can feel like creative bursts of energy and ideas rushing though you, as if they are your own thoughts.

meditation crystals

Trust that everything is perfect and what you need to receive is given to you in that moment.

It is best to be open to receiving the bounty of wisdom until you have strengthened your connection.

Choosing the right crystal is the golden key to establishing a powerful medium of contact.

As usual, we got your covered! Our two favourite crystals to begin your magical connection, are Amethyst and Angel Aura.

Amethyst will allow you to beckon the spirit of intuition and enhance your psychic awareness. With a calm mind, free of chaos, you will start to appreciate your soul’s higher potential.

amethyst for meditation

Angel Aura embodies a pure, and powerful divine essence. The name speaks for itself! This is your crystal to purify your mind and heart with positive angelic messages.

angel aura meditation

Allow yourself to float above the clouds, embrace the celestial world and watch the magic unfold.

🔮 Love and light 🔮