Crystal Combos you’ll want to try!

Crystals have become a popular new age method of connecting to our energies and healing our vibrations. When first starting out, people tend to work with one or two stones. But did you know that you can combine different stones to magnify specific energetic intentions?

Working with each crystal’s energy, we have put together a number of different crystal combinations and pairings that you can utilise for your energetic healing journey.

Crystal Combo for Health

If you are wanting to feel more motivation, energy, and overall a better sense of physical health, then try this crystal combo.

Green Aventurine

A stone connected to the heart chakra, Green Aventurine is one of growth and abundance. With this energy, it stimulates our bodies to grow new cells, healing our hearts, and attracting new and healthy energies into our lives.

Green aventrine

Red Jasper

Connected to our Root and Base Chakra, Red Jasper is extremely grounding and can help us to feel more power, motivation, and energy in our lives. It brings in this vital life force energy, so we can feel more energised to move and be active, thus influencing our health in return.

Crystal Combo for Positivity and Success

Who doesn’t want to be happy and successful? With this crystal pairing, you will radiate those good vibes.


Containing the warmth of the setting sun, Carnelian is a stone that connects to our sacral chakra and our emotional centres. Its energy brings warmth, motivation, and positive life choices. It is a perfect stone to wear when you need an extra pick-me-up.


Citrine is a well-loved stone for connecting one to the joy, warmth, and happiness of the sun. Its energy connects to the solar plexus chakra, which is where we store our vital life force energy. Citrine’s bright and yellow color brings in a soft and cheerful vibe to our auras, removing negative energies and cleansing our energetic fields.


Crystal Combo for Love

Connect to the warmth and good, loving feelings with these specific stones.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the ultimate stone of love. Its soothing and calm energies connect to the heart chakra, bringing a warm and loving energy into one’s life, whether self-love, romantic love, or simply unconditional love.

Rose quartz

Green Aventurine

This heart centered stone radiates abundance, thus calling in new and positive energies to the heart. It can help to relieve old emotional pain, thus healing our hearts for the new love to come into our lives.

Crystal Combo for Peace
A clouded mind can weigh you down. Clear your headspace with these calming crystals.


This purple stone is well known for its peaceful energies. Connected to the Third Eye, it helps to clear mental clutter and confusion, replacing these thoughts with peace and clarity. It helps to alleviate issues such as anxiety and depression, so one can have more calm and positive energies in their headspace.

Amethyst crystal jewellery


With its bright blue colour, Turquoise connects to the Third Eye, Throat, and even Upper Heart Chakras. Turquoise helps to bring inner wisdom and peace to the mind and heart, balancing both these areas so that one can experience this peace on a mental and emotional level.

Crystal Combo for Protection

Negative energy can be a big drain on our moods. Make sure to protect yourself with these stones.


Working with the lower chakras, Carnelian removes negative energies from our aura and return, gives off positive vibrations. It is an extremely beneficial stone for working with anger, as this is a lower vibration that is transmuted and replaced with a positive and cheerful emotion instead.


This dark stone is one of personal power, strength, and protection. It removes challenges in your life, especially those that drain your energy, and in return, taps into your own personal power, reminding you that you have the strength within yourself to deal with whatever negativity life throws your way.

Onyx crystals for protection

Other Tips on Crystal Combos and Pairings

While it is good to know about specific crystal pairings, here are some other helpful tips on working with stone combos.

Can certain crystals cancel each other out?

Not necessarily. Most all stones want to work with our energy rather than against us. So there isn’t a stone that will make you sad, just ones that will help to increase your positivity and joy. It is also okay to pair different intentions together, such as wearing a stone for peace as well as a stone for love at the same time.

Can you wear more than one crystal at once?

Absolutely! Again, crystals WANT to help us. So wear as many as you’d like. Often, it is good to work with crystals that give off similar energies, such as wearing multiple stones for peace, to really reap the healing benefits.

How to clear your crystals?

There are many different ways to cleanse your stones. One of the most common is through a cleansing herb. You can use the smoke from these herbs, like lavender, sage, or pine, to clear your crystals. Other ways to cleanse your stones are by leaving them on the windowsill during a full moon, or by running them under natural spring water.

Remember to have fun playing around with the different crystal combos. The best part of this healing jewellery is that you get to wear so many unique and beautiful combinations that help your energy!