Crystal Meditation for Embracing Change

We live in a world of constant change. As humans we adapt well to the small constant changes like the ones that are subtle and happen over time. This isn’t always the case with big, unexpected changes. Big change can fill us with fear, worry, panic and anxiety as the unknown is thrust upon us by situations out of our control. 

But there is a way to adapt and feel better, whether that change is big or small, wanted or unwanted. You must surrender.  

A big part of becoming one with the higher cosmic energy, is to surrender to its greater plan. Have faith that what is happening in this changing moment is for a reason and that reason will in the end reveal itself to be for the greater good. Even if we cannot understand it in the present moment. 

Instead of fighting unwanted change, learn to embrace it. Sit with it. Spend some time letting yourself feel what it is in this moment which is making you feel, happy, anxious, angry and all the feelings in between. Perhaps there are lessons to be learned here? Things that you need to let go of to make way for an even better version of you? Things that must happen right now to reach a better resolution in time to come?

When you feel ready, find a place that you won't be disturbed and begin our crystal meditation practice for embracing change. 

Embracing Change Meditation:

If you have a pink, green, red black or smokey quartz crystal, you can use these on your chakra points during this meditation. If you have other crystals you can use those to set an intention for embracing change before you start your meditation.


Find a place where you won't be disturbed. If you have sage you can also use this to cleanse your space. Sage, Sandalwood, and Cedarwood can all be turned into smudging sticks. They can be used to cleanse yourself, your crystals and your space. Light one end of your smudging stick and then blow out the flame, let the smoke blow over your crystals and the space around you. If you don’t have any of this to hand then you can also visualise smoke clearing out and cleansing the space around you. 

Cleansing with sage


Lay on a yoga mat or something comfortable and take a moment to notice where you might be holding any tension. Run a body scan from the top of your head (your crown) to your toes. Release any points where you may be holding tension. An important one people forget is your jaw.


The next step is to place your crystals on your chakra points. The pink and green crystals should be placed on your heart chakra, which is located at your breast bone. The darker crystals should be placed on your root chakra which is at the base of your spine. As you are laying on your back, place your crystal 2 inches below your belly button.


Crystal tumble stones

Focus on your breath, becoming aware of its natural pattern. When ready, slowly change your natural breath by inhaling for the count of 5 and exhaling for the count of 7. Repeat this for as many cycles it takes to find a sense of peace.

Bring your awareness to your heart chakra. Breath light into this area. Extending your breath work for a further two counts. Inhale for 7 exhale for 9. With every inhale draw in love, patience and acceptance into your heart space and with every exhale release, fear, anxiety, anger, and self-doubt. 

Keep in this moment until you naturally come to a point of feeling love and peace.

Bring your attention to your root chakra. Continue your breath work moving taking the light force of energy from your heart chakra into your root. 

Feel the energy move through your body grounding and rooting you. Inhale calm waves of security and exhale judgments and expectations you place upon yourself. 

Stay here until you feel intuitively ready to stop. We recommend practicing for a minimum of 3-5 minutes.

Combining crystals into this meditation helps to clear out any blocked or overactive energy you may be holding onto in your body. They work with both the heart and root chakras in your energy field and will help you to feel safe and loved. This mediation will allow you to surrender to change and open your mind and spirit so it can grow from it and flow with it. 

Lots of love, 

Cosmic Crystals x 

The crystals we recommend for this meditation are:

Rose Quartz Tumble stones 

Onyx Tumble stones