Crystals for a stressful work life

Before I started Cosmic Crystals, crystals were part of my daily routine. I wore them because I loved them and was always intrigued by their mystical beauty, unique energies, and healing powers

I worked as a producer in London for many years where I found the higher I climbed the career ladder, the more I relied on my crystal friends to help me manage my increasing anxiety. 

The work I was doing was fast-paced with no room for error. The pressure could be overwhelming and I found my energy drained after long commutes to and from work. 

At this point, I started to really look at the health benefits of the crystal I had and how each one could help me in different areas. I wanted success, I wanted happiness, I wanted to be rid of my overwhelming anxiety.

The powerful selection of crystals that I called my ‘Crystal Survival Kit’ that helped me in these situations were Citrine, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Green Aventurine, and Onyx. All used for energies I lacked at the time. 

These crystals are great for you if you are stressed with work, have exams coming up, are apprehensive about going back to the office, and have general anxiety in your life. 


Citrine: Use Citrine to make things happen, its energy will encourage your inner strength to grow, enabling you to push through even the toughest obstacles.

Rose Quartz: Sometimes the masculine energy in the workplace can be overwhelming. I used Rose quartz to balance and lift the divine female energy which we can all benefit from especially when you need to work on creative projects.

Green aventurine: For those meetings, you lead where you don’t feel like a leader. Keep a Green Aventurine Tumblestone in your pocket to amplify your leadership skills, and help you find your inner confidence. It’s in there you just sometimes need a little help making it shine. 

Onyx: The workplace can be filled with all kinds of characters, from those who bring uplifting energy to your day to others who can drain the good vibes without needing to say a thing. I recommend either an Onyx Tumblestone on your desk or a triangle necklace to defect the bad vibes away. 


I would carry these crystals in my bag, I would wear them in jewellery, I would meditate with them when I was at home, or I would put them on my desk. Sometimes just looking at the crystal I was wearing was a visual reminder of the intention I had set for that day giving me the extra boost of strength I needed to get through the day. 

For anyone who is struggling with the daily grind of a busy work schedule, juggling childcare, or running their own business, my recommendation would be. Find the crystal energy that works for you, be kind to yourself, as you are doing a better job than you think.

Love Violet