Crystals for Feminine Energy

There are many crystals you can work with in order to access your Divine Feminine, or Inner Goddess energy. Feminine energy has less to do with the gender you were assigned at birth and far more to do with the qualities and attributes of what is referred to as female energy, both in terms of philosophy and in such traditions as TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Most of us are familiar with the Yin/Yang symbol, which presents the perfect balance between masculine and feminine, light and dark and many other contrasting concepts. In short, if your feminine energy is depleted, or over powered by an excess of masculine energy, you will feel emotionally unbalanced and probably suffer a few physical complaints as well.

Goddess Crystals for Empowerment

Empowerment basically means self-confidence and self-worth. When you are confident in your own skin and with your beliefs and emotions, you move through the world with grace and ease. You serve as an example to other women, who may be drawn to your unshakeable self-belief and ask for your guidance. You also benefit from the equilibrium brought about by harmonising the male and female aspects of your personality. 

Rose Quartz

This delicate and beautiful pink form of Quartz is known as the stone of Universal Love. It promotes unconditional love in all areas of your life, and that includes loving yourself. when you give yourself the love and respect you deserve you enhance all aspects of your life. You are able to give love freely and to receive it in equal measure. Rose Quartz has a nurturing, gentle vibration that is nevertheless one of the most powerful in the world of crystals. Love conquers all, and with Rose Quartz on hand you can be sure of getting the support you need to allow all of your feminine energy to grow and expand. 


In western traditions, as well as in many other faith and belief systems, myths and legends. the moon is female and the sun is male. This reflects the more peaceful aspect of the night sky compared to the dynamic, action based energy of the day time.  Moonstone is a wonderful crystal for women and anyone who wishes to stimulate and activate their female energy. Moonstone is filled with receptive, passive, creative energy and is the perfect antidote for overly aggressive females or excessively macho men.

Moonstone is an excellent crystal to have around when you meet up with the your female friends, especially if you are engaging in energy work with the phases of the moon. It is welcoming and nurturing, stabilises the emotions and inspires intuitive creativity. 



The bright and vibrant energy of Carnelian reminds us that female energy is not all about caring for others! Aligned with the Sacral chakra, Carnelian is a good stone to use to awaken your senses and encourage you to remember the pleasures you can experience with your physical body. It has high energy and is very stabilising, restoring vitality and promoting positive life choices. Carnelian is a good support stone for anyone needing a confidence boost, especially in the areas of public speaking or teaching others.  

Love Violet