Crystals For Fertility

Healing crystals are said to boost fertility by radiating their subtle energy to help increase your vitality, optimism and ultimately, your fertility.

Check out our top list of fertility gemstones that have been used for thousands of years to help promote fertility. 

crystals for fertility


Rose quartz for fertility

The Rose Quartz crystal is often known as the love stone or the "stone of the heart."

It is often associated with fertility as it is said to be supportive of the female reproductive system. It is also worn by many as it is said to be helpful and protective during pregnancy and with childbirth. Emotionally Rose Quartz helps you to increase your loving vibrations so that you can remove your fears, resentments, and anger when you’re trying to deal with your fertility issues as well. SHOP ROSE QUARTZ




The Green aventurine crystal is often know as the "stone of opportunity" and is said to increase your luck in chances in any situation. This is said to be especially the case with pregnancy.

Many people wear Aventurine when trying to conceive as this stone is said to encourage fertility and pregnancy due to its ability to bring vitality, positivity, and luck. SHOP AVENTURINE


Disclaimer:  Crystals for fertility should be used as an alternative compliment for fertility & not as a replacement for regular medical care. Please speak to your doctor for fertility issues.