Crystals for Spring

Spring is all about new beginnings. Crystals help you harness this energy that’s available with the arrival of spring and use it in your own personal life. You can tap into this energy to achieve your desired goals. This is especially the case when you wear these crystals, as the crystal will be able to nudge you in the right direction while you go about in your daily life. A few crystals that represent the energy of spring are Rose Quartz, Lace Agate, and Carnelian.

Rose Quartz is all about love. The trick is that this love has to start within yourself. If you’re tired of never getting it right when it comes to your love life, or you want to start a new era of your life in which you are much kinder to yourself, this is the way to go. It can also help you smooth over your relationships and be more diplomatic. If you need a fresh start in your workplace or with your significant other because things have been tense lately, wear this crystal to promote harmony. 

Lace Agate will encourage you to start going with the flow instead of being rigid and uncompromising. Pink Lace Agate in particular will encourage you to be more adventurous when hanging out with friends or going on dates. It will also invite you to expand your own sense of self and get rid of any ideas you have about yourself that limit your possibilities for happiness. 

If you desire new beginnings related to your sensuality or with any creative projects you wish to embark on, then listen up. You can manifest a fresh start where you are magnetic to all sorts of people and opportunities are all possible with Carnelian on your side. Carnelian will encourage you to be passionate and reconnect with the pleasure in everyday life. Its energy is very much that of spring, which also invites us to reconnect with joy. 

Aventurine is also one of the crystals of spring. This is so because its green colour mirrors the lush green of nature once it starts to wake up after the long slumber of winter. It’s a very healing stone that will leave you feeling brand new and encourage you to get to know your worth and not accept any less.