Crystals for Summer and manifesting abundance

Summer is coming. A time for play, long days, and golden rays.

Warm nights, filling your heart with glory. A time to do yoga and meditate outside, smell the flora, and watch the sun set or rise during that enchanted golden hour. Roses blooming, bees buzzing, birds singing. No better time to be grateful in life!

crystals for summer

A period of supreme solar energy and light, filling your divine soul with positivity, vitality and freedom, reminding you to connect to nature and relish the fruits of your harvest.

Let the sun be a reminder of the abundant being you are, an infinite source of warmth, love and joy. It’s time to celebrate yourself, wherever you may be on your soul’s journey. Today. Here. Now. Celebrate the vibrant being you are becoming and harness the inner power within you.

No one said you had to do this alone, there’s a crystal for that! We thought you might need a little guidance, so we’ve got a couple of go-to crystals that will help you manifest abundance in all areas of your life. P.S. Thank us later!

Citrine is our favourite gem for summer! Linked to the Solar Plexus Chakra; the element of Fire, this is your powerhouse for confidence, success and abundance. Use this golden sparkle of quartz to manifest more brightness and happiness into your life. 🌞

Lets call her the “Summer cleanser”. She will show you how to be optimistic, feel prosperous and outshine your creativity. Don’t worry, we’ve made it easy for you and already selected a necklace from our collection that you will love. Wear our Citrine Raw Success Gold Necklace this summer to match your golden vibes!

citrine crystal necklace gold 

Green Aventurine, is another must-have! Known as the “gem of opportunity” and also “the heart healer”, this luckily little stone will bring you an abundance of wealth, fortune and emotional healing from the infinite stream of abundance, called the universe! Abundance is your birth right, and green Aventurine will show you exactly how this feels!

Connected to our Heart Chakra, Green Aventurine will dissolve any mental blocks you have around receiving abundance, so that you can see that you deserve, and always will, EVERYTHING that your heart desires. She will bring you a deep sense of calm by surfacing and releasing stagnant emotions, so that you are truly ready to receive! Acting as a shield, a knight in shining armour, mother Aventurine will protect your pink vulnerable core with her soft green aura. You will be able to manifest from a place of flow, vulnerability, and from your true heart space, with an inner knowing that you are always divinely protected.

green aventurine crystal necklace

Are you ready to bring balance and harmony back into your inner world? Then we think you’ll absolutely love our Aventurine Luck Silver Necklace. The perfect pick, so you can always keep it close to your heart.

If your best friend needs a little abundance boost too, then mix and match from our collection!

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May you manifest abundant joy every day. 🌞