Everything You Need to Know About Crystals

If you are new to using crystals you may have a few questions about them and how they can benefit you. We have put together a quick list of common questions to get you started on your crystal journey.

How do crystals work?
Used in healing for over 9,000 years, crystals are living entities that emit a stable and subtle energy. Their stable energy acts on our own bodies’ energy field to bring us back into harmony and balance. Specific coloured crystals have particular frequencies that work on different areas and energies of your body.

How do I choose a crystal?
Picking a crystal is super easy. You simply select the crystal that you are most drawn to. We are said to be attracted to the crystals we need the most. You will often find that the crystal you were intuitively drawn to, often has the healing effects you may benefit from. We have a helpful CRYSTAL QUIZ that will help guide you to your perfect crystal.

What do I do with my Crystal?
Crystals store the energy of the people that they have been in contact with. It is therefore best to cleanse and clear your crystal when you receive it. To do this put your crystal in direct sunlight for 2-4 hours. To benefit from a crystal they first need to be activated and programmed. To do this simply hold your crystal in your hands and visualise a bright around it and breathe. This will connect you to your crystal. Focus on the intention that you are after. For example “This crystal will bring me positivity and love”

What should I experience with my crystal?

Sometimes certain crystals don't resonate with you at particular times, and other times, when you touch them, the hairs can stand up on your skin. Whether you can feel the sensations of your crystal or not, it is your daily reminder to focus on and allow positivity and uplifting energy to flow into your life.

Where should I put my crystal?
Crystals are great when worn as jewellery as wearing them against the skin helps to activate them. If you have loose stones then you can put them wherever feels intuitive for you. For some people this is under their pillow, beside their bed or in their pocket. The closer they are to you the better. 
We hope you have found this useful and that you are excited about using the power of crystals. We recommend that you take our CRYSTAL QUIZ to find out which stone you are attracted to and the properties that it contains.