Five Perfect Crystals for 2022

In order to get your New Year off to the best possible start, take a look at our recommendations for crystals you can call upon to help you thrive over the next twelve months.

Setting Intentions

We all know the tradition of the New Year’s Resolution, you set one or maybe many and by the middle of January you feel you've let yourself down by not sticking to them. The reason for this is very simple: most of the common resolutions set at this time involve depriving yourself, denying yourself and generally beating yourself up for not being perfect! They are all too often set as negatives, which is just asking for a fail.

Take heart though, you know better!

Law of Attraction

If your intention is to attract an abundance of good things into your life, use Citrine to empower your manifesting work. If you want to be more loving, and to receive more love, program a piece of Rose Quartz and keep it near to your heart.

You may not have a specific desire or clear idea of what you want at this time. That is fine because it means you can be open to whatever wants to come into your life. Green Aventurine is the best stone for this. It is a crystal of luck, opportunities, and good fortune. Wearing this crystal throughout the day helps you to stay open to new and exciting things.


Being mindful and practicing meditation regularly is one of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself this New Year. Use Amethyst to boost your energies when meditating. It calms and soothes your mind, so that it can achieve a quiet peace, and also opens and activates your Third Eye, assisting you in making connections with your guides and celestial support team as well as your own innate wisdom.

Peace crystals

Let Go of The Past

What better time to finally say goodbye to the pain or unhappiness that is rooted in your past than the time of new beginnings? Opalite Moonstone is an excellent crystal for healing old wounds and clearing out worn out patterns of thoughts or behaviour that are no longer serving you. Once you have cleared the space, and let go of the past, you can focus on your new beginnings by creating a grid or performing a ritual with Opalite Moonstone as your anchor stone.

Couple Moonstone with Rose Quartz for compassion and forgiveness. Forgiving them means opening your own heart to be cleared of the negative energies it has received in the past, which may still be causing you pain and keeping your Heart Chakra closed. Forgiveness should be extended to yourself too. Wear a Rose Quartz pendant and allow its loving, unconditional, nurturing vibrations to balance your emotions and help you to love yourself once more.

Yoga Practice

You can enhance the beneficial effects on your subtle body through Yoga, Tai Chi and similar disciplines, by placing crystals around the space where you practice. Clear Quartz is the most powerful energy amplifier on the planet. Notice the difference in your energy field after practicing Yoga with pieces of this crystal nearby.

January Crystals

January can be a taxing month. Take care of yourself by working with the energies of, Carnelian, Amethyst and Angel Aura Quartz. The latter two crystals are especially useful for supporting your emotional and mental health.

Angel Aura helps you to stay true to yourself and your convictions, no matter what is going on around you. It protects your energy field from negative vibes and and enhances your confidence.

Amethyst is a wonderful healer of both body and soul, it is said to boost your immune system helping to keep those winter colds away.