Full Moon in Virgo

February's month of Self-Love closes with the final Full Moon of the astrological year being in Virgo. This gives us a great last chance to cleanse ourselves of old habits that no longer serve us.

There's never been a better time to set new intentions with a little help from your crystal friends.

The Virgo Star sign is associated with the Root, Heart, Throat and crown Chakra. This Full moon wants to help us clear our mind, body, and souls enabling us to communicate directly and truthfully with those around us.

After the mercury retrograde we can be thankful for the grounding full moon in Virgo that will help us cleanse away some of the intensity from the last month.

 Full Moon New Energy Ritual 

  • Lay-down in a safe comfortable space and draw your attention to the flow of energy in your body.
  • Take a clear quartz crystal and place it on your forehead.
  • Visualise the universe's light-force energy around you and start allowing yourself to feel it move through you. You may feel a slight vibration from the crystal, allow yourself to be at one with this feeling.
  • With every inhale allow the universal energy to energize you, with the exhale allow any old stale energy that no longer serves you to leave your body. Stay with this practice until you feel rejuvenated by both the crystal chakra work and the powerful energy the Virgo full moon brings.
Clear quartz, master healer, healing crystals


Crystals you can work with that will help you embrace the perfectionist, organised qualities of the Virgo Moon energy are.

Rose quartz - Heart Chakra 

Red agate - Root Chakra 

Amethyst and Clear Quartz - Crown Chakra 

Turquoise - Throat Chakra