Crystals for Rituals at Halloween

There is something magical, mystical, and almost primeval about celebrating the festival of Samhain, or Halloween. The celts of Ancient Europe celebrated the end if the harvest at this time, and gave thanks for nature’s bounty, which would see them through the winter.

In the Northern hemisphere there is a noticeable change in the weather and the flora and fauna as nature begins to wind down, gather in and prepare for the ending of a cycle. It is an excellent time for you to do the same, on any level that seems right to you. Creating and performing your own celebration of Halloween can have a powerful effect on your mood and emotions as you consciously let go of anything that has been troubling you. You can also perform rituals to replenish your energy, give thanks for the abundance of good things that have come to you in Spring and Summer and look forward to some cosy, restful evenings by the fire at home.

Crystals for Rituals at Halloween

Unsurprisingly, the best crystals to use at this time of year are dark and orange- coloured ones. Dark crystals tend to have a powerful grounding vibration and are often protective. They symbolise our connection with the Earth, with the forces of nature and with the natural rhythms and cycles of life. Orange crystals are representative of the light, of joy, happiness and creativity.

To begin your ritual, clear a space or use your dedicated altar if you have one. Light a pure beeswax candle and turn off all electronic devices before you start. Place anything on your altar or space that represents most strongly your intentions for manifestation. This can be a photograph, a symbol, or some key words.

Arrange your chosen crystals in a circle on the altar, with the largest one at the centre and the others radiating out from it.

Black Tourmaline

Use a piece of this stone for protection during your ritual or spell-casting. It will disperse any negative vibrations, entities or energies that may be blocking your intentions.


Obsidian is an excellent crystal against negativity and possible deception, including self-deception. You want your intentions to be as clear as possible so that you can manifest exactly what you need, so use Obsidian to help you get to the truth of any situation you want to change.


A piece of Onyx in your mandala or meditation will enable you to face your fears, to brave the darkness and to emerge into the light. It has a powerful clearing and cleansing effect on those aspects of ourselves that we may not want to look at too closely. It is worth meditating on these however, so that you are ready to welcome in the peace and light that is waiting for you.

Orange Calcite

Pieces of Orange Calcite placed amongst your darker crystals will help you to balance your emotions and overcome your fears. This crystal is highly energising and will lighten any feelings of depression you may be feel at this time of year.


This stone is a wonderful combination of Amethyst, which is cleansing, protective and very healing on all levels, with Citrine, which is one of the “happiest” crystals you get. Use Pieces of Ametrine in your grid or hold them in your hands if you begin to feel overwhelmed by your thoughts or the results of your self-reflections. They will help you to lighten up, to see the funny side of any circumstance or situation and to hold on to compassion, empathy and understanding, both for yourself and others.

Some Questions to Ask Yourself During your Ritual

To give your mediation more structure you might like to jot down some questions to ponder.

What shall I do to nurture myself now?

Is there a message from my soul that I need to be aware of now?

If I let go of familiar things, what will be the possible outcomes?

When you have finished, jot down your impressions and any thoughts, symbols or messages that came through for you.

Happy Halloween!