Healing Your Mind And Body With Chakra Crystals

Crystals To Heal The Body

For thousands of years people have used crystals to heal their minds body and spirit. This is typically done by using the stable energy that crystals emit to unblock and realign the 7 chakra energy centres that run through your body. By using the corresponding crystal colours with each our 7 energy chakras, we can begin to harmonise our energy to bring us back into our natural state of well being. 

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What Are Chakras?

“Chakra” is the Sanskrit word that means “Wheel”. Chakras are our spinning energy centres/wheels that are located along the spine. Each of the major chakras that run though our spines, are associated with a gland or a major nerve. They are said to influence our endocrine system and its hormones. When they are out of alignment, the chakras are said to affect the functioning and structure of the tissues of the body, including the organs. The chakras also reflect the aspects of our experience on the emotional, mental and spiritual planes too. When the Chakras are spinning freely and are balanced and aligned, many positive benefits can be felt. When the Chakras are out of alignment, blocked or overstimulated is when you may feel pain, discomfort, and dis-ease.

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The Meaning of Your 7 Energy Chakras?

The 7 energy chakras that run through our body all emit a different frequency. They become the colour of the frequency that they resonate at. Below is a diagram to show you the colours and names of your chakras and what they relate to:

Getting to know your seven chakras 
❤️ Root Chakra - I am
- Located at base of spine
Colour Black/Brown
- Blocked Chakra Signs - Feeling tired, lack of money, insecurity
- Crystals to use - Obsidian, Onyx
🧡 Sacral Chakra - I feel
- Located below your navel 
- Colour Black/Brown
- Blocked Chakra Signs - Emotional instability, feeling overwhelmed, loss of imagination or creativity.
- Crystals To Use - Carnelian, Citrine, Tigers Eye
💛 Solar Plexus Chakra - I do
- Located around stomach
- Colour - Yellow
- Blocked Chakra Signs - No motivation, lack of belief, no confidence, unable to make decisions and take action.
- Crystals To Use -  Citrine, Tigers Eye, Amber
💚 Heart Chakra - I love 
- Located around heart
- Colour - Green / Pink
- Blocked Chakra Signs  - Fear of rejection, lack of self-care, egotistic
- Crystals To Use -  Rose Quartz, Aventurine, Malachite, green moldavite
💙 Throat Chakra - I speak
- Located around throat
- Colour - Blue / Turquoise 
- Blocked Chakra Signs - You feel suppressed, not able to voice an opinion, uncreative, unable to express yourself
- Crystals To Use - Turquoise, Blue Topaz, Lapis lazuli
💜 Third Eye Chakra - I see 
- Located between eyes
- Colour - Dark Blue/Indigo
- Blocked Chakra Signs -  Don't believe you are creative, judgemental, cannot tap into wisdom or lacking intuition. Too logical
- Crystals To Use -  Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite
🤍 Crown Chakra - I understand 
- Located slightly above your head
- Colour - Purple and White
- Blocked Chakra Signs  - Feeling something is missing, limited thinking, lack of ideas and innovation
- Crystals To Use - Amethyst, Opalite, Clear Quartz, Selenite


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How Can I tell Which Chakras Are Not aligned? 

There are many ways to see if chakras are not aligned but one great way is to use crystals. We can easily use crystals to show us which chakras may be blocked or overactive so that know what areas of our bodies we need to align and work on. You may firstly be drawn to crystals of particular colours. The crystal you are drawn to will generally resonate at the frequency of chakra that needs to be cleared. For example, you may be stressed and anxious so drawn to a purple amethyst crystal as this will work on clearing your crown chakra and bringing you back to clarity.

Take a look at the crystal chart below and see what crystals you are drawn. This may indicate which chakras you may have blocks in. It may mean that this particular chakra is out of alignment. 


How To Begin Healing With Your Crystals

When you know what crystal you are drawn to, you can either wear this crystal or keep it close by to help boost that energy centre. You can also lay down and place your crystal on the chakra that you are having issues with.

It is beneficial to spend 10-15 minutes imagining that chakra emitting the bright colour that is the same as the chakra colour you are working on. For example, you could place a yellow citrine crystal on your yellow solar plexus chakra and imagine a bright yellow light shining from this chakra. 

This will help to clear any blockages that you may be experiencing there. Some people may experience feelings of hot or cold, they may get slight tingling, feelings of heaviness or lightness or even pins and needles sensation.

Others may experience nothing at all. It will depend on how sensitive you are and how much of a weakness or over stimulation you have in that particular chakra.

You just need to know that the stable energy of the crystal in working on bring your own bodies frequency back into vibrational alignment and wellbeing. 

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General Chakra Healing

If you would like to work on all chakra centres then you can of course wear healing chakra jewellery.

This will make sure that any blockages that your body may have will be continually worked on when wearing the item. 

Take a look at some of chakra cleansing crystals...