How Can Clear Quartz Crystals Keep You Protected?

Do you often find after you have an encounter with someone or a situation that is quite unpleasant that you have a sense of heaviness that is dense and stagnant around you?

Do you feel as if you had almost been 'cursed' because of being in a cloud of negativity around you?

When you walk into a room where negative situations have occurred, do you often feel that you are picking up those negative energies and you leave the room feeling unpleasant?

crystals for negative energy

That is because those negative energies, encounters and environments are going to have an adverse effect on you. Not only will you feel down and as if you are dragging, but it can create obstacles when it comes to any type of task you want to accomplish. Being exposed to too much negative energy will get into the way of your success and overall health. This is why you will want to carry around the clear quartz crystal to help protect you at all times.

Using Clear Quartz To Help Banish Negative Energy

It is ideal to stay away from people who are full of negative vibes as well as situations, however, that is not always going to be realistic. Unfortunately, you will be encountering negativity throughout life. But, that does not mean you have to be affected by it. In fact, you can be protected from it by harnessing the power of the energy given off by the clear quartz crystal.

clear quartz for positive energy

How Clear Quartz Helps You Stay Positive

Clear quartz is a powerful and potent stone that will help enhance the energy flow within your body by creating a balance within which will help keep you in a positive state. This stone is called the Master Healer as it can help bring you uplifting and positive energy while it clears away any negative energy that you have inadvertently absorbed or that has been sent to you through psychic attacks.

Clear quartz is clear as its name suggests and is connected to your crown chakra which is at the crown of your head that rules your connection to your Higher Self and to the spiritual world.

In order to reap the benefits from clear quartz, you will want to keep the stone in close contact with you at all times. You can get a clear quartz necklace or earrings, or bags of the stone which are referred to as positivity bags.


Clear Quartz Positivity & Protection Meditation

In order to harness the power of the protective and positive energy from the clear quartz, you will want to do a meditation exercise that involves using this stone. Here is a simple meditation so you can get started. 

crystal meditation

  • Go into a room where you are not going to be interrupted and that is highly comfortable for you.
  • Close your eyes and hold the clear quartz crystal in your hand.
  • Imagine a protective white light is around you, and going through you as you inhale.
  • See the light going in every part of your body, and as you exhale, see black smoke coming out which represents the negativity that has been absorbed by you. You are finally purging it.
  • The negativity is out of you and there is another bulb of white light surrounding you and keeping you protected from any negativity that you could encounter again.

 You can do the meditation at any time you wish, and once you feel light, invigorated, and simply positive, then that is when the meditation is completed.

Cleansing Your Clear Quartz Crystal

It is important that you cleanse your clear quartz crystal daily as it is absorbing a lot of negativity. You can either put it on your windowsill during the day to soak up the sunlight or overnight to soak up the moonlight. You can also place raw crystals or tumble-stones overnight in a bowl of sea salt but do not do this with items of jewellery to avoid tarnishing. 

Other stones that can help banish negativity are: 

  • Black Obsidian
  • Black tourmaline
  • Smoky quartz
  • Jet
  • Hematite 

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