How to Cleanse your Crystals

Crystals do a lot for us. They protect our energy, help us deepen our spiritual connection with our higher selves, and work to alleviate difficult emotions such as pain or grief. They are powerful tools. Like any tool, they need to be properly maintained in order to be efficient and effective in what they do.

One way we can properly take care of our crystals is by doing regular cleansings. Our crystals take on a lot of energy when we work with them. Clearing our crystals on a consistent basis helps them to function at their peak performance. There are many ways to cleanse your crystals. We have listed some of our favourite ways to clear stones. These are super easy and don’t require any special equipment. Read on to find which made our list.

Smudging Herbs

Just as crystals contain unique energy, so do plants. When burned, this energy is released. Burning certain types of plants is a popular method of cleansing. Some plants that are good for cleansing are rosemary, pine, and cedar. Simply light your plants/herbs and blow out the smoke. Then, wave your cleansing wand over the crystals to let the smoke coat and clear your stones.


Full moons are a powerful time to cleanse your crystals. Each lunar phase connects to a different type of energy. The energy of a full moon is all about releasing. This is why the full moon is wonderful for cleaning crystals and releasing any old energies the stone is holding onto. Simply place your crystals in full moonlight, either outside or on your windowsill. Leave these overnight to cleanse.


Like moonlight, sunlight is another great source of cleansing. Similar to cleansing in the moonlight, place your crystals out in the sun to receive a good cleanse. You don’t need to have your crystals out all day, just for three to four hours. This method is only for darker coloured crystals, as certain crystals such as amethyst and fluorite will fade in extreme sunlight.


We can use the grounding method to not only clear our energy, but our crystals as well. Grounding is a technique that returns energy back into the earth. For crystals, place crystals outside in the grass and leave them to cleanse for six hours or more. If you don’t have access to a yard, you can designate a small plant pot full of dirt for cleansing your crystals. Just be sure to recycle the dirt after each cleanse. There is no timeline on when to cleanse your stones. Clearing your crystals will vary based on the amount of use they receive, as well as the amount of energy they take on. A good basis is to cleanse your stones monthly, however some stones may require weekly cleansings if they get used a lot. Try each of these cleansing methods to see which one suits you and your stone’s needs.