Magical Morning Rituals with Crystals

Make your mornings magical!

morning crystals
Bring purpose, clarity and start your day feeling grounded and aligned.
Creating a morning ritual is the secret to a blissful day. When you feed your mind with happy thoughts and charge your energy with excitement and enthusiasm, it can only bring a positive end.

There will be some days you are naturally inspired to jump out of bed and flourish! Other days, may feel like a boomerang, totally lacking drive or motivation and you’re looking for an instant pick-me up to bring you back to life!This is where our Crystal morning ritual will help you boost your mood, set the tone and remind you, that all is well and you are exactly where you are meant to be right now. When you remember that the universe is always working for you, you will begin to embody the divine being of whom you came to be with ease.

In just 15 magical minutes, you can prime your mind for the day ahead...
Set up an altar or sacred space to display your cleansed crystals. Let this space be a reminder of the energetic charge and positivity that you feel for your crystals. Maybe put any lucky charms, treasures, oracle cards or anything you have a deep appreciation for, to create the energy of love.

If you are new to this, you can start with a 30 - day routine and ask just one simple question. The more time you spend with your chosen crystal, the more time you will begin to feel its unique vibration and connect with deeper on a subconscious level.

  • Light some incense, center yourself holding you preferred crystal in your left hand and breath.
  • Ask the question in your mind or out loud: “what message do you have to share with me today?”

So simple but so effective. Allow the messages and vibrations to flow through you, without expectation, without force, without judgement.
Receive with gratitude, receive with love, be open to the infinity of the unknown.
Open your heart and the universe will communicate with you. It may be through words, or it may not. It may be through visions, or it may not. It may be through feelings or sensations, or it may not. Or you may feel pulsating sensations or vibrations in your hands and body, or maybe not.

Be patient my love! Trust that crystals are always in communication with you and are allowing you to feel their energy, whether it be to your subconscious mind or consciously. Crystals emanate their own specific vibrations, and the more you align with the crystal’s unique energy. Over the next 30 days, you will start to feel the messages gradually flow through you, Crystal clear! If you feel inspired to do so, you can journal or draw what streams to you.

Light codes are the language of the universe, of which the human mind is not yet fluent in! We suggest you use our Raw Positivity Clear Quartz Necklace for this practice, it’s a very powerful one for channeling!

clear quartz necklace

Oscillating at a frequency with your Crown chakra, this is your purest connection directly with the divine.
Tune into the frequencies of love and become an infinite flow of creative expression and observe the change within you.
Namaste xx