Pick A Crystal And We Will Pick Your Shoes

We have invited our good friends from Koi Footwear to create the ultimate style guide just for you! Koi is a unisex footwear brand that specialises in creating alternative footwear that pushes the boundaries of creativity and design. Trust us, they are going to be your new vegan bestie! You can check them out here.

Have you always wanted to match your crystals and the energy they give off to your fancy footwear? Me too! So go ahead and pick your favourite crystal, and we will show you the perfect pair of shoes to match the energy you want to put out into the universe. Because as we all know what you put out into the world comes back.

Onyx For Protection

Black onyx

Onyx always reminds me of the deep dark night sky. A little spooky but also crazy beautiful. The crystal itself is actually used to help us see past fear and relieve stress. A powerful crystal like this deserves equally powerful shoes. So please allow us to introduce you to a Koi classic, the Hydra. These black biker boots give off strong confident Leo energy, and we love to see it. The matrix platform is the perfect chunky base to give you everything you need to face your fears. With these chunky platform boots and your onyx crystal, you’ll be feeling like the powerful queen you are!

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Rose Quartz For Love

Love, rose quartz

I have to say rose quartz is my all-time favourite crystal! I always keep one by my mirror and use the energy to help me get ready for the day. This stone represents all things gentle, calm and feminine. This crystal is the stone of universal love and must be matched with equally lovely shoes. Make way for The Conspirator, a creeper style shoe

that is anything but creepy! This chunky shoe has a pastel pink colour-way offset with dark accents to add a little bit of spice. You will be ready to take on the world with this mighty pairing.

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Clear Quartz For Positively

Clear quartz is a healing stone and is one hunk of a crystal! This enchanting stone can be used to open the mind and is a symbol of positivity and uplifting energy. All the good stuff really.

This mystical stone must be matched with magic shoes and we have just the ones. Our Lizzies V2 is a super sleek white trainer that gives off oh so effortlessly cool vibes to match an effortlessly cool crystal. Banish that negative energy with this dynamite duo and be ready to manifest whatever you want!

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Amethyst For Peace

Amethyst, peace, anxiety necklace

Amethyst whispers words of peace into your pretty little ears. This gram worthy crystal is used for spiritual healing, calmness and wisdom. The stone comes in perfect shades of violet and purple that are oh so dreamy!

I have just the thing to add an extra dose of calming energy to your day with our Zamak white slider. Sliders are the perfect shoes to take to the beach and enjoy a meditation with your amethyst crystal to enter a deep state of calm. This one is certainly a wise choice!

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Aventurine For Luck

Luck, green stones, green crystal

Use the aventurine crystal to call on the mystical powers of lady luck! I have to admit I have fallen hard for this crystal, not only because of the prosperity it can bring but it’s also so damn pretty! And I have just the shoes for you that are going to radiate fierce energy! So put your best foot forward in our iconic white Otzi trainers - It’s the little pop of mint for me. You’ll be ready for whatever luck is throwing your way in this absolutely killer combo.

Vegan trainers

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And now sadly we have come to the end of our style guide. It’s been a total blast! What was your favourite pairing?

If this is over much too soon for your liking, we have lots more style inspiration on our Instagram. Check us out for all things wild and a little bit weird! Come and say hi we dare you!