Relight your inner passion with Carnelian

Everyone is talking about Carnelian as the new super power crystal but it’s actually not so new. The Ancient Egyptians used this beautiful crystal for all the same reasons we do today. Famed for its powerful ability to promote passion, sensuality, courage and confidence, this crystal empowers you to be brave and secure in who you are and everything you do. 

Working with crystal energy is all about finding the right crystal for you and your needs in this moment. To help you find out if Carnelian is for you, we have put together the Carnelian 101 which covers what the Egyptians used it for, what it can do for you and a powerful a ritual at the bottom of this blog which will help you get the most from your Carnelian gemstone. 

Red Carnelian

Carnelians Magical Ancient History

Carnelian comes from a wide and beautiful colour palette of bright oranges to intense almost black red, meaning there’s a shade that will attract almost everyone's eye. 

In Ancient Egyptian text, Carnelian is known for being blessed with feminine energy and so it became a stone of fertility, linked to the power of Isis. 

The Egyptian Pharaohs also believed that the stone had supernatural qualities and used it in their tombs to protect them in the afterlife. Carnelian was closely linked to the Sun God, Ra and was said to carry the energy of fire. They considered Carnelian to be a very protective stone and made warriors wear a string of Carnelian crystals around their neck to give them support and courage in battle. The Prophet Mohammed was said to have also worn a carnelian gemstone set in silver on the little finger of his right hand. This may help explain the strong appeal of carnelian in the Arab and Muslim world.

What are we using it for today? 

Carnelian resonates with the sacral chakra which is linked to the male and female reproductive organ, which is why now this stone is still linked to fertility. 

Carnelian is also heavily linked with creativity and is often referred to as the Artist’s Stone, it is said to increase your passion for creating new things, taking leadership roles and generally finding a new energised zest for life. Much like other fire stones, Carnelian breathes life back into your body energising your mind, body and spirit in one. Carnelian can be found world wide but is normally sourced from India, Brazil, Egypt, and Uruguay.

Red Carnelian

Healing With Carnelian

By using this stone regularly, it is said to accelerate your motivation and give you the courage and confidence to move forward on a new path in life. If you know you need inspiration to move your life forward in a new direction, then this is a powerful stone to use. Carnelian has a strong passionate energy that is said to relight your inner fire as it works on bringing vitality and increased energy to your sacral chakra. To get the most out of this stone, allow any crystal jewellery you're wearing to have contact with your skin.

Crystal Ritual 

To help you get this most of your Carnelian gemstone, try our 3 minute crystal ritual. 

✨ Sit in a room where you won't be disturbed. 

✨ Clear your mind by concentrating on your breathing. 

✨ Hold your carnelian stone in your hand and repeat aloud,  'With this stone I become my inner warrior, I no longer hear my doubt.  I step into my future with passion, knowing I have the ability to create the future I desire'

Words alone have power, combining them with crystal energy will amplify them. This mantra will allow you to reclaim your power and rid yourself of self-doubt. 

Love Cosmic Crystals x