2021 Manifest your dreams 💖

It’s human nature to take the New Year and make it your new start. 

Crystals for a positive New Year 2021

A time to shake off the last 12 months, dust down the old 2020 you and become the new and improved 2021 version of you. The difference in this new you is just one day but on that day there’s a mindset shift. A moment where all that wasn’t possible now becomes possible. There’s a renewed hope for things to become better, different and more fulfilling. Where does this difference come from? Is there a New Years magic that makes the mistakes of the past disappear or that lifts the veil to enable us to see a brighter future? Well the answer, whether you believe in magic or not, is YES! 

The magic is energy. It’s the energy shift in you and those around you. Like our Crystal friends, we absorb the good vibes, the bad vibes and all the vibes in between. When we are surrounded by hope and happiness, we become hope and happiness. So let’s talk about energy. Your energy, our collective energy and the energy all around us and how, with a little help from some crystals, you can become the best version of you in 2021. 

Step 1 - Become aware of your personal energy

Becoming aware of your own energy and the energy around you is the first step in becoming open to the transformative power of crystal energy. Tune into how you are really feeling. No one likes negative experiences. They can take place in many forms. From mistakes you’ve made which you feel could have been avoided, to arguments you’ve had with people you love. Sometimes the negatives are out of our control. You could have suffered loss or been delivered some unwanted news. It’s hard in that moment and for many moments after to see the positive lesson in a negative situation but there will be one. Maybe it’s to love without limits, to forgive without holding a grudge, or to let go of things you can't change before they cause you any more harm. You might not be completely ready to process the negatives but if they are crowding your thoughts or standing in your way of moving on, you can use crystals, combined with positive affirmations to support you in your journey. The path of self-discovery will enhance your connection with each crystal you work with. What you’re feeling on the inside radiates on the outside, so taking ownership of your energy helps you to create a positive environment for yourself and others around you. 

So, how do you put all this energy work into practice for the New Year?

Step 2 - Choosing Your Intention

Take a moment and think about what 2020 meant to you. Maybe write down the positives and the negatives you’ve taken from the past year. What challenges did you face? What did you learn? There’s always great lessons in the negatives so don’t completely disregard them, but for now, let’s focus on the positive. Choose a crystal to either work with or to wear for the new year that matches your positive take away from 2020. 

Step 3 - Programming your crystals with intention. 

Setting intentions for a new year helps bring focus to your goals.

Instead of mulling over desires or keeping your dreams forever as distant dreams, you can work with certain crystals to bring them into fruition. You simply need to hold your crystal, imagine a white light surrounding it and focus on the intention you want it to help you with. This practice aligns your spirit and your crystal with the powerful energy of your intentions. Sometimes we can get distracted from our goals and visions but if you have set them using your crystal's energy for support, the crystal will continue to be a visual reminder and energetic magnet to attract all that you want to accomplish. Your crystal will also work on your own energy field to bring it into alignment with your desires. 

Our crystal suggestions for setting 2021 intentions 

Opalite - Wear this crystal to help find your inner confidence and show the world what you’re made of.

Aventurine or Lace Agate - Use this crystal to manifest wealth and a mindset of total abundance.

Rose Quartz - Harness the power of this crystal to increase self love, radiate love and be open to receiving unconditional love from others.


Our crystal suggestions for personal growth 

Onyx - This first chakra stone helps you feel more grounded. It boosts your feelings of bravery and helps encourage you in times of stress or hardship. 

Amethyst - working on your seventh chakra, Amethyst is a serene, meditative and calming stone. It is a healing crystal that helps in times of personal loss, anxiety and stress. 

 Our crystal suggestions for bringing in the positives vibes.

Citrine - A stone of the third chakra, which is the energetic power centre of the body, Citrine helps you to embrace leadership roles and go further in your career than you thought possible. It is associated with success and abundance. 

Rose Quartz - Known as the “stone of the heart”, Rose Quartz activates the heart (fourth) chakra and promotes positive energy. It enhances all types of love, from self-love, to love for others and the world around us. 

Citrine Crystal for New Year 2020

Our Cosmic crystals New Year's resolution 

Just like you, we will also be setting powerful intentions for 2021. We promise to raise the collective vibration by sharing our love and knowledge about the wonderful healing power of crystals. Our goal is to enable you to be the best version of yourself. We believe that every single one of you has something incredibly unique and special to offer the world and we want to see your light shine.