Sharpen Your Intuition with Turquoise

There are many reasons that you would want to sharpen your intuition.

The biggest reason is that it helps you to be able to easily distinguish between a false way of thinking to true intuition. Connecting to our higher self and intuition can help us to make decisions in life that are aligned to our guiding spirit. Living a life based this way, helps us to live authentically to follow our true passions and purpose ultimately leading to happiness and fulfilment. 

intuition crystals

It is very easy to mistake false thoughts with intuition as our ego and fear can cloud our decision making process. Additionally, whenever someone is able to trust their own intuition, that helps them to stay away from situations that can easily go bad and to allow them to rely on their own inner wisdom.

Using Turquoise To Sharpen Intuition 

There are plenty of books and resources that provide steps for people to develop and sharpen their intuitive skills. One that I particularly love and that's worth a read is "The Little Book Of Clarity" by Jamie Smart. All of these techniques can be boosted further with the aid of the powerful turquoise crystal. 

turquoise for wisdom and intuition

Why Turquoise Helps

Turquoise has plenty of strong and powerful properties such as not only helping people increase their intuition, but also helping to broaden your inner wisdom. This way, you will be able to understand your emotions, thoughts, as well as ideas, and to become a much better judge of character. This stone is said to also help keep people out of troublesome situations as well.

Turquoise has been utilized for thousands of years for those who wanted to improve their intuitive abilities and think and feel more clearly. It represents self-realization as well as truth. With its beautiful green/blue hues, its a stone that is associated with the Third Eye chakra as it resonates at the same colour frequency as this chakra. When fully balance this chakra helps us to connect to our inner intuition and wisdom. An additional benefit is that it also resonates with the blue tones of the Throat Chakra that rules expression and truth.

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In order for anyone to utilize this blue stone in the best possible way, you can either get it as a charm for a necklace or a bracelet. These crystals are the most effective when they are in close contact with your skin. They should be worn as often as possible in order to serve its purpose effectively. Try to wear for at least 30 days and make sure to do daily affirmations with your crystal. For example, hold your crystal in direct sunshine or imagine a white light surrounding it. Then either out loud or in your head say "thank your for helping me to connect to my inner wisdom and knowing in order to make the best possible decisions in my life" 

Turquoise Meditation To Increase Intuition

meditation for crystals

When you are about to meditate with the turquoise stone, you will want to take the stone in whichever form you have it and find a room that is quiet, comfortable, and will be free of interruptions. The steps to take to meditate with the stone are:

  • Put the crystal in the centre of your hand, close it and close your eyes.
  • With your eyes closed, imagine an indigo light surrounding your Third Eye chakra in between your eyebrows and the light entering that chakra easily.
  • Keep seeing the light around your forehead and imagine it moving down to your neck.
  • The indigo light goes through your neck to open it up so it can be receptive to more wisdom and will then allow you to be more expressive and to speak your truth and your true feelings.
  • Keep envisioning this indigo light surrounding your head and neck as it keeps entering both the Third Eye chakra and the Throat Chakra at the same time.

You should intuitively be able to feel when the meditation is complete. Keep doing this meditation on a daily basis to reap the benefits or when you feel you need to make an important life decision. 

Cleansing Your Turquoise Crystals

It is important to keep your turquoise stone cleansed so it is free of the energies it has absorbed and maintains its power. All you need to do is put the stone by a window sill during the day so soak up the sunlight or overnight to soak up the moonlight. If you have a natural stone and not jewellery you can also place the stone inside of a bowl of sea salt. Be sure to change the salt each day if you decide to cleanse the crystal this way and do not do this process with any items of jewellery.