The Benefits of Journaling with Crystals

Journaling is a great method in deepening one’s spiritual practice. Journaling has a variety of benefits, from releasing heavy emotions to connecting deeper to our inner truth and wisdom. And while journaling is a helpful tool in one’s spiritual journey, one way we can step up our journaling practice is through the use of crystals.

How Journal with Crystals Works

Crystals are a powerful tool, each with a unique set of properties. Working with specific crystals, we can tap into these energies to bring these energies out within ourselves. Journaling with crystals can connect us deeper to our intuition, bringing our subconscious thoughts and deep desires to the surface so they may be revealed. It is a beneficial way to connect these two parts of us, the conscious and the subconscious, so that we may gain greater clarity in our lives.

It is fairly easy to journal with crystals. You can either write with tumbled stones, or have a piece of crystal jewellery on as you write. Having crystals near or on you as you journal, you will have a stronger connection to these energies.

While you can journal with any crystal, there are specific types of crystals that are beneficial for certain types of journaling. We have put together a few particular types of journaling methods, as well as a few stones that pair nicely with each way of journaling.

Crystals for Creative Journaling

To spark the creative brain, journal with crystals associated with creativity. Crystals such as citrine, carnelian, and tiger’s eye connect to the solar plexus and lower chakras, which are a source of creativity and feeling. To stimulate more creativity from the higher chakras, stones like sodalite, lapis lazuli, and kyanite work to open up the Third Eye chakra.

Crystals for Dream Journaling

To tap into the dream world, crystals can help in dream recall and stimulate this dream plane. Crystals like amethyst, can help to induce dreams, while stones such as turquoise can help one to remember their dreams. Try sleeping with some under your pillow as well to connect deeper to the dream world.

Crystals for Positive Journaling

To help one in boosting their spirits and positivity, stones can be used as tools to aid in these feelings. Good stones to boost one’s good mood are citrine, Dalmatian jasper, sunstone, and amber. Journaling with these can help one to pour more positivity into their writings and unlock the happiness and joy from within.

Try each of these different methods of crystal journaling out for yourself and see how things begin to shift for you.

Happy journaling!