The full moon in Leo crystal guide.

The Moon sets the emotional tone as it transits through the Zodiac signs. The first Full Moon of 2021 will be telling us to get out into the world and shine like bright stars. This is because on the 28th of January the Full Moon will be in Leo. Leo demands attention, it is a kind, bold and generous sign.

Leo's default as a natural social butterfly, they enjoy being out and basking in the limelight. As this is off the cards for now, we have put together a crystal guide to bring out everyone's inner Leo. 

Charge your crystals and set new intentions 

The full moon is when the moon is at its brightest and most powerful, making it  the perfect time to cleanse your crystals and set new intentions. Use the energy of the full moon in Leo to manifest your dreams. Think big, think creative, and shine like a star. 

Clear QuartzGreat to use during a Full Moon. Clear Quartz has both the energy of reflection and manifestation making it the perfect stone to use to set intentions.

Clear quartz, positivity crystal

CitrineGolden in colour its uplifting energy will mirror the playful, can-do energy the Full Moon in Leo will bring.

Citrine, raw crystals

AventurineThe heart chakra is green on the outside and pink on the inside. You can work with both pink and green stones to unblock or balance the heart chakra.  Aventurine is known as the heart healer, making it a great crystal to hold to your heart during your Full Moon meditation. 

Aventurine, luck crystal necklace


Light a candle and sage your space. 

Sitting in silence. Take a moment to let your thoughts settle. 

Begin your mindful breathing, inhaling courage and love to your heart centre.

Picture the sun and its warm glow surrounding you. With every inhale feel its warm energy filling your body with strength and courage. 

As you exhale, breathe out any fear or worries.

Take three deep breaths and repeat the words.

'My heart is strong and courageous, and I express this with love, passion and kindness'

Enjoy the full moon love and light.

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