The perfect crystals for a Scorpio

If you were born between October 23 and November 22 your zodiac sign is Scorpio, represented by the scorpion. It is a water sign and is fixed, meaning that Scorpios are less likely to be comfortable with constant change that the mutable signs of the zodiac.

Positive Qualities

Scorpios are fearless and independent. They walk their own path regardless of what others may think. Scorpios are also straightforward, not to say blunt, in their dealings with others and prize honesty and authenticity above all else. They may appear brusque and intimidating to others but, as a water sign, they are also very in tune with their emotions and are often driven by them. Scorpios are often ambitious and make excellent leaders, in life and in business.

Negative Qualities

Scorpios can be so caught up in their own emotions that they sometimes feel vulnerable and out of control. This can lead to some aggressive behaviour at times, as Scorpio desperately puts up barriers and sends out missiles towards anyone or anything that that perceive to be threatening. Scorpio is not the easiest sign of the zodiac to get along with as they can be prickly, defensive, demanding, and critical of others.


Water element signs are often sensitive and ruled by their emotions. They also possess immense drive and will power and are doers rather than thinkers.

Ruling Planets

Pluto and Mars


Scorpios are governed by their Base and Sacral chakras. It is important, as a Scorpio that you take time each day to become fully present and grounded to the earth. As water sign being by the ocean, lakes and rivers will nurture and nourish your creativity and imagination. It will also soothe anxiety and bring excitable emotions into a more balanced state.


Herbs that Scorpios are likely to find beneficial are milk thistle, witch hazel and catmint. Flowers include any dark red specimens such as geranium and red roses as well as honeysuckle and rhododendrons. Prickly bushes and shrubs such as bramble and hawthorn are also associated with Scorpio.


As a water sign, Scorpios will benefit from the gentle vibration of Rose Quartz. The quiet energies help to reduce stress and calm the emotions, something that Scorpios often struggle with. This stone will encourage self love in times of doubt.

  • ROSE QUARTZ (love) - As Scorpios are so sensitive they need to cleanse their heart chakra more than any other sign. Rose Quartz is the ultimate heart chakra stone. 

  • TURQUOISE (wisdom) - Wear or use Turquoise to release anything that is no longer serving you. This stone assists you to look toward the future using your intuition in order to move past the things that hold you back.

  • QUARTZ (positivity) - The energy of a Scorpio is very high which means you may hold things in that need to be let out. Quartz helps to let go of any negativity and promotes positivity. 

Health and Self-Care

Scorpios absorb other peoples energy, both the good and the bad, due to this they must remember to take time to decompress. Taking time out to practice yoga or meditate will really help to keep you mind and emotions level. 


“If you can imagine it, you can achieve it”

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