The Power of Crystals for Dreamwork

“There comes a point when a dream becomes a reality and reality becomes a dream” – Frances Farmer

dream crystals for sleep

Today, we want to share with you our favourite crystal for dream recall and vividness so that it can help shift your perception on your waking reality and connect you to the infinite 

Dream stones are linked to our Third Eye chakra, the inner eye. 

Your Third Eye Chakra is the element of Light and is associated with the colour violet or indigo. Dream stones connected to this chakra will help you slip into REM state (Rapid Eye Movement) more easily, and ultimately dream more. We are always dreaming, the power lies in being able to decode and recall your dreams, so that you may…




It’s time to start looking forward to bedtime, tranquilize your mind and awaken the subconscious.

Amethyst, is your connection to dreamland. A powerful Third Eye crystal, Amethyst will intensify your dreams, strengthen your intuition and even bring about Lucidity – conscious dreaming.

(Oh Yes! But that’s a topic for another day)

For those of you new to this, we want to share with you a simple ritual to explore your inner world.

We may explore this topic deeper later on so watch this space for more channeled wisdom!

Dream Recall Ritual:

  1. Before sleep, set the Intention: “Tonight, I will remember my dreams”. Affirm it repeatedly.
  2. Place your Amethyst Crystal on your nightstand near your auric field.
  3. Start Visualizing about what you want to even dream about before you drift off to sleep. Have fun, play, see what happens!
  4. Dream Journal: First thing in the morning when you wake up, write down any keywords and symbols you saw! Maybe it won’t make sense just yet, but trust us, it will harder to remember it later on in the day.
  5. Decoding: Now the fun part, after at least one month of recording, you may be able to put the dots together, decipher the dream symbols. They will always be personal to you.
  6. Time for Contemplation: Now ask yourself….
    1. What are the hidden meanings behind my dream?
    2. What messages does the divine want me to receive?

Maybe deeper meanings will unfold, or maybe not just yet. The key is to keep going, be patient and have fun. Every unique Amethyst crystal will emanate different energy.

Find the one that resonates with you and PLAY!

When you understand that all in this eternal universe is connected, you will begin to understand the secret codes of your dreams and your waking reality. We cannot tell you the answers, you must experience this journey alone and discover this for yourself.

Because the journey and destination are also one!

amethyst crystal tumblestones for sleep

Our Amethyst Bags of Peace and our peace necklaces are ideal for this practice, but if it feels too powerful for you right now, you can choose a subtler energy such as Rose Quartz, which will encourage OH SO SWEET dreams and restful sleep. We feel our Rose Quartz Bags of Love, will be your favourite bedtime candy! 🍭

“This place is a dream. Only a sleeper considers it real. The death will come like dawn and you will wake up laughing at what you thought was your grief” - Rumi