The Root Chakra

The root chakra is the first chakra on our internal ladder. It is the base of your energy powerhouse and the foundation for your energy stability. If this chakra becomes blocked or unaligned it can have a knock-on effect for all of your energy points, causing chaos with your energy's natural flow. You can try keeping your root chakra cleansed and clear as part of your daily wellness practice. Having your personal power in good shape provides you with a secure and stable foundation helping you to feel grounded and able to withstand the challenges of life.

root chakra

Root Chakra - Trust and security 

  • Colour - Red / Brown / Black.
  • Meaning - Wanting to create, feeling secure, stable and abundant.
  • Signs Of Blockages - Scarcity mindset, undeserving, insecure and unworthy, focusing on the bad.
  • Crystals To Use - Red Jasper, Onyx, Bloodstone.

Black Onyx

Ways to unblock your root chakra 


Gardening is great for helping to unblock your root chakra. It is said to be good for those who suffer from depression as studies suggest that the mycobacterium found in soil can improve brain functions while boosting moods. Reconnecting with the earth by connecting you back to nature on the most basic levels has all kinds of positive effects including stabilising your root chakra. If your chakra is overactive, pulling up a few weeds can really help. Whether you’re able to sow seeds in your garden or maybe even pot some house plants, getting back to basics is a wonderful way to ground yourself, helping your root chakra to heal. 

Barefoot and in nature 

Walking barefoot is the simplest way to ground yourself. So if you are in a park or on a beach take off your shoes and walk barefoot. This will instantly connect the soles of your feet with mother earth's natural healing vibrations. If you are not able to do this you can also remove your shoes and rub your feet with your hands to help ground you. 

Oils and incense 

Using sage to bring us back to the earth or lavender to reset and allow you to feel calm. Oils that connect with the earth will help to bring you back into the present. The natural world is one of the greatest healers and we can use many methods to return to it. 

Yoga and or Meditation 

Starting your day with meditation can really help settle your mind so you feel more grounded. Hold your root chakra crystal (normally a brown/red/black crystal) in your hand while you sit where you won't be disturbed for a grounding meditation. Alternatively, you can lay down and place your crystal over your root chakra directly. On every inhale, visualise a bright white light entering your root chakra space and clearing out blockages so that your energy can flow freely there. On every exhale, image a darker smoke leaving your body and clearing any negative energy you may be storing. Resting in the Balasana yoga pose (child's pose) brings you closer to the earth. Breathing slowly will quieten the chatter of your mind, grounding you during your yoga practice. 

Crystal Jewellery

Wearing crystal jewellery that is linked to your root chakra is an easy way to maintain the healing vibrations that will help to regulate and clear your chakra on an ongoing basis. It's always a good idea to activate your crystal with your intention first. Holding your crystal in your hand repeat "I am safe, protected, and guided in this world" 

Love Cosmic Crystals xx