The Twelve Best Crystals for Christmas 2021

We shouldn’t really need an excuse to treat ourselves, or others, to the joy and beauty of crystals, but just in case you need a reason, what better occasion than Christmas? Crystals make wonderful gifts, and when you know a little about their metaphysical properties you can tailor your choices to suit the recipient. If you want to give yourself some TLC and self-care to ensure that you thrive over Christmas take a look at our specially prepared “12 Crystals for Christmas” guide.

Rose Quartz
Give the gift of unconditional love with Rose Quartz. This delicate pink crystal looks good anywhere, and in any form, from raw chunks to polished stones in jewellery. Rose Quartz opens the heart to receiving and giving love in equal measure. It protects the Heart chakra from negative influences and encourages the free expression of love between people. 

Clear Quartz
This crystal amplifies the energies of other stones and disperse negativity from the aura and the environment. Give as a gift to someone you know who suffers from a “sick building” working environment or use it yourself to keep your vibration high and your thoughts positive. 

Dalmatian Jasper
This is a wonderfully balancing crystal and will keep you feeling good in spite of the increased pace of life around the holiday period. Use Dalmatian Jasper to counteract the effect of one too many late nights. 

Green Aventurine
Green Aventurine is a stone of good luck and prosperity and makes the perfect gift. It has a strong vibration of positivity and is connected to the natural world and the Devic Kingdoms. It would make the perfect gift for a gardener as it is used to grid gardens to encourage healthy growth in plants. 

This stone has a soothing vibration that will help to calm any frayed nerves or feelings of overwhelm that can creep up on us over the Christmas period. It is a wonderful crystal to place under your pillow to help combat insomnia and promote restful, refreshing sleep. 

Do you have any relatives or friends who are struggling with managing their finances? As well as being a brilliant stone for attracting wealth and abundance in all things, Citrine also has a reputation for promoting good money management strategies. If you tend to get carried away when buying gifts at Christmas, try wearing a Citrine bracelet on your “giving” side to reign in your impulse buying.

Onyx is a very protective stone and will help you to keep your energy reserves high at this potentially tiring period. Wear Black Onyx jewellery when hosting the kind of family get together you would really rather avoid.

Red Carnelian
Red Carnelian is a stone of passion. Our nearest and dearest can sometimes feel neglected as we throw ourselves into “giving” to all and sundry. Keep the flame of your love relationship alive with this stone, or wear it to attract the perfect new romance over the holiday period.

The gentle vibration of Turquoise can act as a real tonic if you need some serenity and calm. It is a stone of wisdom and has a cooling, soothing frequency that makes it the perfect gift. Turquoise can gently open and activate the Third eye, giving access to our inner wisdom and forgotten life events. It is especially suited to older people, who have a wealth of experience from which they, and their loved ones can benefit.       

Enhance your creativity with this handsome blue crystal. It will help you to access your inner designer whether you are dressing the table or making gifts and cards for others 

Angel Aura
There is something really special about this crystal. Not only does it emanate vibrations of joy and delight in all things, it will also add sparkle to your Christmas outfits. It makes a lovely gift from woman to woman, so treat your mother, daughter, partner, or friend to matching Angel Aura jewellery pieces to consolidate your connection to each other.

Moonstone is another stone with a high feminine vibration and encourages sisterhood, nurturing of friendships and love between women. Moonstone is also a great choice for confidence boosting. Try meditating with Moonstone to increase your belief in your own worth and your levels of self-esteem. Moonstone’s mantra could well be “you got this!”, a great phrase to remember during Christmas celebrations and preparations.

Have a wonderful Christmas 

Love Cosmic Crystals xx