Thrive September changes with these crystals

As far as I can cast my mind back September has been a month of change. Whether I was off to school myself with a shiny new pencil case or I was starting out on the first steps of being an adult going to uni. Now September brings a new change, as a new Mum it will mark the first time my baby will be off to nursery. This of all the changes September has brought me throughout my life feels the most significant in terms of being able to let go and trust the process. Because of this, I thought I would write how I am dealing with this time and the crystals I am using to guide me through the change. 


Rose quartz

As a parent or carer, you can find yourself always giving, forgetting that you need to receive. Our needs become second to everyone else’s, so I use Rose quartz to remind myself that I need to make time for self-love. I try to make time each day where I can sit with my thoughts, be that reflection on the day or just to collect my thoughts and allow my mind to be still.

Rose quartz reminds me to reset, slow down, be patient and to always return to a place of love. If I have more time I would either place rose quartz stones around my bath, or I would meditate with them in the morning remembering to hold the stone to my heart chakra.


This crystal has always been one of my favourites and comes with me in my bag most days. During the past few weeks, I have used this stone to set this intention.  

‘I must not worry about things that I cannot control’ 

This is part of me letting go and being ok with the new change. I also find amethyst helps deepen my intuition letting me trust my instinct when making decisions, which is great when life becomes a bit hectic.


Red Carnelian

Using this tumble-stone is relatively new to me. I have found that its energy helps ground me and helps me to be fearless when I sometimes want to retreat away from the challenges ahead of me. I find Red Carnelian has a bold can-do energy, so I have been using this crystal as part of my morning ritual. I hold this crystal and recite this daily affirmation. 

‘ I am fearless, I make good choices and I won't stand in my own way’ 

Crystals for me have been a support both emotionally, physically and spiritually for many years. I have leaned on them when times have got difficult, and I have prospered by harnessing their energy to allow me to trust my instincts and believe in my dreams. 

Love Violet