How to Thrive during Venus Retrograde 2020!

Did you feel Mercury retrograde was a challenge? Embrace yourself for Venus retrograde!

venus retorgade

Temptation, temptation, temptation…

The days and weeks in quarantine lock down appear to have merged into one, you may be feeling like a butterfly hibernating in her cocoon, healing, growing and resting. With freedom on the horizon, the sun beaming luminously, you’re ready to come alive again, open your wings and smell the nectar of summers’ flora, but not just yet sister! It’s not quite time yet to escape from your cocoon fully.

As with all retrogrades, we’re moving backwards, 7% to be specific in this case of Venus retrograde. This being quite rare, means you may feel more intense emotional energies within and be triggered by experiences from your past. Anytime a planet goes into retrograde, it becomes harder to think clearly and see the visible truth. You will be blinded by the illusion of the reality you wish to experience vs. actuality. Sound familiar?

Reminiscences from the past may resurface, old relationships, old flames, friendships, insecurities regarding self-worth or abundance may manifest out of the blue, tempting you to look backwards to fill the void you may be experiencing right now. Lack of abundance, loneliness, physical connections…

But don’t do it, don’t cave. Leave your blasts in the past, and focus on experiencing reality for what it truly is, the present moment and for the magic that is yet to come.

This is the time to remain within your inner retreat, your universe (you-in-verse) and reassess your mind, all things Venus; love, beauty and money. You will be much more introspective if you stay here and master the art of filtering out and releasing what no longer serves your highest good.

Take this retrograde to open your heart chakra, release emotional wounds and finally appreciate the beauty that exists within you. Through acts of self-love and self-admiration, you will be equipped with the wisdom you need to see your allure, receive abundance and create long lasting relationships that will last a lifetime, built from a place of love, not fear. When you focus on renewal, growth and expansion, the universe will mirror this back to you.

Allow Venus retrograde to become your healing superpower, and with the help of Rose Quartz, a crystal that resonates at the frequency 528hz, the frequency of love, you will be able to activate and magnify these feelings of compassion for yourself even further. You will be propelled to step into your power, honor your self-worth and reconnect with your true core values. We recommend our Rose Quartz Love Triangle pendant, emanating a subtle heart-opening divine energy, allowing you to connect with the true essence of your being, the energy of unconditional love.

rose quartz love triangle necklace

If you’re also seeking another crystal partner, then Opal, is the perfect alchemy to combine with your Rose Quartz pendant. Opal will help you create long-lasting bonds through honest communication, encouraging you to verbalise any hidden emotions, and restore clear thinking again. Ideal for once Venus retrograde season is over! You will feel a boost in your self-esteem, a sense of empowerment and enter the outer world with the heart of a warrior. We recommend our Opal Confidence Moon pendant to help you on your cosmic voyage of personal growth and expansion!

gold opal necklace


May you find power in your sensitivity, art in your vulnerability, sparkle in your suffering, imagination in your imperfections, and un-shame your pain into soulful purpose. – Eat My Stardust.