Using Crystals in the New Moon

new moon intentions

This week, on the 10th of January, we have the 1st full moon of the year & decade & it’s a lunar eclipse. Every month we experience both a new moon & full moon but it is every now and then that we experience solar & lunar eclipses. When combined, these two events magnify the energy of the moon. This makes now a great time to charge and power up your crystals and start setting your intentions for the year ahead. 


I believe the moon affects us all, especially females. Just like the moon, females also go through different phases each month. Maybe this is why the moon is seen as feminine. The moon represents the rhythm of the time. It also symbolizes immortality, eternity, enlightenment, the soul and the darker side of nature (dark doesn’t necessarily mean bad here).

The Moon also rules the subconscious. For instance in astrology, your moon sign controls your entire subconscious. Whereas your star sign rules over your day-to-day mannerisms, your moon sign is your SOUL.

In its shadows we see our own shadows. This might be why some experience intense emotions around the full moon. It brings out what has been repressed. When there is a full Moon, the frequencies are much more active and so there is a heightened activity & intensity. Every phase of the moon has its own special energy & magic. For Example, The Full Moon, illuminated by direct sunlight, represents transformation completion & abundance.


The evening before a full Moon is a perfect time for recharging your energy. It’s a good time for guidance, healing, magic, positive intentions, improving your psychic abilities. Its also a good time for recharging your energy crystals, oracle cards & release what no longer serves you.

Speaking of crystals, a good crystal recommended to use in the new moon is Clear Quartz. Quartz helps us to balance out and harmonise our energy. This is exactly what we all need during the push and pull on our energy during the full moon.

Take your crystal and place it on your windowsill to absorb the light energy of the moon. This will clear it and amplify its energy. You can then set your positive intention onto the stone by holding it in your hand and focusing on what you want to occur for the year ahead. 



Eclipses are a time of rapid change, either from external or internal circumstances

Eclipses lead to dramatic and unavoidable shake-ups in our lives, and we often finally get the push to leave behind what we’ve outgrown, and embrace a new beginning.

So if you feel like you are behind with your new years resolutions, intentions & goals, let me tell you, its never late & this week with the lunar eclipse in Cancer, it is a beautiful time to do a mini detox of everything that no longer serves you.

De-clutter, let go of all that is holding you back, cleanse your crystals, your home & your space. Take time to reflect & even do a mini full moon ritual.

 All you need is a piece of paper, candle, lighter & pen. On the piece of paper I want you to write down everything you want to release, everything that has been holding you back from progressing… for example:

  • I release fear
  • I release my ex
  • I release my old limiting beliefs about myself etc…

You want to light a candle, write it all down on the piece of paper, & then burn the paper. Burn it and ask for all that energy to be transmuted into what you want to manifest into your life. 

Until next time, take care & love yourself X