Perfect crystals for a Virgo

Born from August 23rd to September 22nd is the zodiac sign of Virgo. This is the 9th zodiac sign and marks the end of the summer season. If you want to learn all about this zodiac sign, read on for our complete guide.

Positive Qualities
Detailed, Analytical, Organised, Health Conscious, Reliable, Practical, Hardworking, Kind

Negative Qualities
Judgmental, Picky, Perfectionist, Critical
Symbol – The Virgin

While most people take Virgo’s symbol as a literal virgin, the meaning is much deeper. Virgo is a very pure sign, and typically we think of purity of consummation. However, the meaning stems from Virgo’s pure spirit. Virgos embody peace, beauty, and wholesome nature. They were traditionally seen as the maiden, but over time, this transformed into the Virgin we see today.

Element – Earth

Virgo is the mutable earth sign in the zodiac. As a mutable sign, they are the last of the season (this season being summer). Mutable signs are easy to adapt to situations, making them a little more flexible than their fellow earth signs. As an earth sign, Virgos are very connected to nature and animals. They possess the traits of earth, being grounded, practical, and resourceful. Since they are deeply attuned to the earth, spending time out in nature is very beneficial for this sign.

Ruling Planet – Mercury

Ruled by the planet Mercury, Virgos are highly analytical and natural thinkers. They are constantly dissecting conversations and analysing their thoughts and others. As a thinker, they enjoy solving problems, brainteasers, and other types of activities that stimulate their mind.

Chakra – Solar Plexus

Virgos are very hardworking people. They find their source of power connected to their Solar Plexus chakra, which gives them their drive, power, and motivation to get all of their tasks checked off their list (and Virgos LOVE lists).


While Virgos are very connected to nature, common plants associated with this sign are poppies, lily of the valley, honeysuckle, cornflower, Queen Anne's lace, dill, fennel, st. john’s wort and skullcap.


The two most common crystals associated with Virgo are Peridot and Sapphire. That is because these are the gems that are associated with August and September, two of the months where the sign of Virgo falls under. There are many other crystals that are connected to this sign. These crystals are carnelian, smoky quartz, citrine, moss agate, and jasper.


Virgos are very in their heads. As such, meditation practices are good for this sign to have. Since they are very concerned about their health, moving meditations such as yoga or tai chi can be beneficial for this sign. Since they are very connected to nature, spending time outdoors is also helpful. Virgos need plenty of rest and self-care time, as they are constantly taking care of others.

“The more self-care I give myself, the more I can be of service to others.”