All you need to know about Moldavite

If you are into crystals, then you might have heard of Moldavite. This is a well-known crystal, as it boasts stories of its power, intensity, and out of this world origins. Stories of supernatural, and out of the world experiences have arose from using this powerful and mystical stone.

If you are new to Moldavite and want to learn more about its magic, then read on for some great info on this stone, as well as some other crystals to get you started before working with this powerful stone.


Moldavite is thought to have formed 15 million years ago when an asteroid impacted in Central Europe. The impact was so great, that the meteor splattered and flew across the Czech Republic, Austria, and Germany. Most of the meteor splatter solidified in the air, which is what we now know as Moldavite. It’s glassy green colour and meteor like texture make it a very unique crystal.

Due to its origins of being from a meteor, Moldavite is getting increasingly rare since there have been no new deposits of the stone found recently. A small dime sized piece can fetch well over 50 pounds. Most of the pieces are small shards, however, you might be lucky to find a piece the size of a fig or date.

Properties of Moldavite

You will often hear the scare stories of Moldavite and how when people start using it, a lot of intense things happen. That is because Moldavite is powerful at removing blockages, even physical ones. That is why you hear stories of people losing their jobs, ending relationships, etc. when starting off with this crystal. Moldavite clears a path and gets rid of anything in your life that is not aligned with you and your higher purpose.

Aside from being a stone that can speed up one’s spiritual journey, Moldavite is highly connected to the Crown and Third Eye Chakras. Its extra-terrestrial frequencies make it a great tool for communicating with multidimensional beings, and its high vibrations open up access to greater realms of mysticism, wisdom and consciousness. Overall, Moldavite is a very high vibrational, spiritual stone that should be used with the understanding that it can accelerate your spiritual journey and heighten your frequencies.

Four Other Powerful Crystals to Use

While other crystals do not quite possess the power of Moldavite, they contain strong energies in their own ways. We suggest starting off with one of these crystals, as their powerful energy is much gentler than Moldavite.

Clear Quartz

Known as the King Crystal to many, Clear Quartz is a great all around stone. That is because it transmutes, amplifies, transfers, and stores energy. Clear Quartz is a programmable crystal, meaning that you can set it to do anything! This crystal connects to our Crown Chakra, and has the ability to open up and clear our channels of energy to receive higher dimensional frequencies. It is a popular crystal to meditate with, as it contains these higher vibrations. It is also a great stone to wear to align and clear your own energy, as its high vibrational energy acts to purify the aura. If you want to connect to this energy, try wearing it as a necklace. It's beautiful clear colour goes with any outfit.

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Another high vibrational stone, Amethyst is great for those wishing to enhance their psychic and mystic abilities. Connecting to the Third Eye Chakra, it opens us up to inner wisdom, thoughts, and can awaken our psychic senses. Amethyst has a very calming energy to it, and can help instil peace. Wear it to surround yourself with those soothing and relaxing energies. It can also be used to help with insomnia, and sleeping next to it can help one access the dream world. Amethyst earrings make for a great magical accessory. Wearing this crystal close to the Third Eye can help to awaken these properties even more.

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Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is an extremely powerful love stone. Even though it has very gentle energy, don’t be fooled. This stone helps to soothe emotional ache, replacing this pain with love, compassion and empathy. It is great for any type of love, from romantic to self-love. Rose Quartz reminds us that love is in everything and is everywhere. It can bring these positive energies back into your life, connecting through your Heart Chakra. Rose Quartz provides love on all levels, from the gentle compassionate energy to partnership and union. A necklace made of rose quartz is not only a beautiful gift for yourself, but a great way to tell someone you love them.

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Turquoise may seem like a pretty blue stone, but it holds an immense amount of power. This crystal connects not only to the Third Eye Chakra, bringing us deeper insights and wisdom, but also connects to the Throat Charka and Heart Charka. Its abilities range from protecting and dispelling negative energies, such as psychic attacks, but balances and aligns the chakras, stabilising emotions and bringing a sense of calm, peace, and serenity. Wear it to protect your aura field from unwanted energies, as well as to provide yourself with a deep sense of peace and inner wisdom.Turquoise is also known as a symbol of friendship. Gifting a bracelet of Turquoise is the perfect present to show someone that you care.

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While Moldavite is a great crystal, it is not for everyone starting off. Try these other powerful stones at first and work your way up towards Moldavite for a smoother spiritual journey.

Each crystal as their own unique properties and is powerful in their own way. In due time, you will be ready to use that powerful crystal. Any crystal you choose can be beneficial for your spiritual journey and growth.

Remember, the spiritual journey of a thousand miles starts with baby steps!