Which fingers represent which chakras

Did you know that each of your five fingers is aligned with one of your five main chakras? As we have seven recognised major chakras and only five digits on our hands, information regarding the exact correspondences of each finger with a specific chakra can be slightly different depending on the source you consult. 

Crystal Rings

However, we already know that some crystals are beneficial for more than one chakra, and some stones can be used to support and strengthen all of the chakras. Clear Quartz is a good example of one of these “universal healer” stones as it has such a powerful vibration that it is used to clear, cleanse, open and activate all of our energy centres.

The human body has an electromagnetic field surrounding it, which can be measured using a device such as a Kirlian camera. We often refer to this energy field as an aura, or biofield. Disturbances within this field, which you can visialise as an extension of your physical body, can lead to physical illness, mental or emotional unrest and feelings of dis-ease. 

The chakras are spinning wheels of energy situated along the line of the spine, and each one governs different organs within our physical bodies. The chakras are also aligned with our energy bodies and a blockage in one of the chakras will also have an effect on our minds and emotions. 

One way to ensure that your chakras are working to their optimum capacity is to wear a crystal on the finger that corresponds to the chakra you want to activate or cleanse. Below you will find suggestions for both crystals and fingers which will help you to decide which crystal you need at any given time. Feel free to wear more than one crystal ring if that seems to be right for you, and have fun experimenting with different crystals worn for different lengths of time.

Pinky or Little Finger

This finger is usually associated with the base or root chakra. This is also known as the first chakra and is located at the base of the spine. The Base chakra governs our sense of safety and security in the world, and we need to keep this chakra in good working order if we want to feel grounded and connected to our environment and the people around us. A blocked base chakra can lead to physical symptoms such as lower back pain and lower intestinal disorders, and to feelings of fear, anxiety or panic in our emotional bodies. 

To support and cleanse the base chakra you can wear an Aventurine crystal in a ring on this finger. It is a very positive stone of prosperity, helping to bring you the resources and financial abundance you need in order to feel secure. It is an excellent mood stabiliser and can be combined with Red Carnelian or Obsidian for maximum effect on the base chakra.

Ring Finger 

This finger corresponds in vibration to the Sacral or Water chakra. Imbalances here may lead to physical symptoms such as urinary or genital problems. emotionally, the Sacral chakra governs our creativity and our ability to feel the pleasures invoked by the senses. To keep it open, and the energy flowing freely through it, try wearing a ring of Citrine, Yellow Topaz or Opalite on this finger. The Sacral chakra and the Solar plexus both benefit from yellow, orange and amber coloured stones.

Middle Finger

The middle finger is associated with either the Throat chakra which when balanced allows you to speak your personal truth. It is linked with the way you present yourself to others. 

Index or Pointer Finger 

This finger is also associated with the Heart chakra, and with the element of air. Wearing Rose Quartz on this finger helps to align the Heart with the intellect and to open both our hearts and our minds to new experiences, ideas and opportunities. You can also wear Green Aventurine, Emerald or Pink Kunzite on this finger if you want to work on cleansing, clearing, and activating both the Heart and the Third Eye chakras.


The thumb is aligned with the Throat chakra and also the Crown. An excellent choice of crystal to wear on the thumb is Amethyst. When the Throat chakra is blocked or out of balance, we can feel as if our opinions and ideas are not being heard. We can feel fearful of speaking our truths and bottle up our feelings because we are apprehensive about what others may think. 

Amethyst is another “all healing” crystal and wearing an Amethyst ring can help to clear negative vibrations from the etheric body and to transmute them into positive ones. Sodalite is another good choice for working on both the Throat and the Third Eye chakras. If you are in need of spiritual guidance , or you want to develop your own spiritual practice, wearing a Sodalite ring on your thumb or middle finger can help you to open up stronger connections with other worldly energies. 

The Crown chakra governs our intellectual lives as well as providing a direct connection to Divine guidance. Opalite, along with Clear Quartz and Amethyst has a beneficial effect on the Crown chakra, keeping it clear of negative energies and stimulating clarity of thought. 

Wearing crystal jewellery is a wonderful way to boost your mood and you can combine necklaces, rings and earrings in a variety of ways with different stones.