Why You Need Amethyst If Anxiety Is A Struggle For You

That feeling when you keep on thinking about the future and wondering what will go wrong that will not stop is quite distressing. This can stop you from living your life to the fullest and can even get into the way of your sleep. And you need sleep to stay healthy and to function. That is anxiety, and if you do have an anxiety disorder, you will most definitely need to talk to your doctor and go on a treatment regimen that will help you stay calm so you can improve your quality of life.


There are other methods that can help you to stay calm and peaceful while you are getting the right medical treatment. Harnessing the power of crystal therapy to help calm anxiety is one way to make your treatment even more effective. And the best crystal for helping anxiety is the Amethyst.

amethyst for anxiety


The Amethyst gemstone is a purple or deep lavender crystal that is a tranquilizer and will help soothe, reduce stress, and ease anxiety and irritability by emitting its powerful and stable energy. It helps when you are struggling with fear and grief and it is a great stone to help you open up to your intuitive awareness so you can see the clearer picture instead of anxiety clouding your views. That is because it is connected to your Third Eye and Crown chakras which represents your psychic ability and intuitive side. It is when these chakras are blocked, anxiety will often result.

It is a great stone that will help keep you protected from psychic attacks as well and can help dissolve negativity. Amethyst comes in a variety of forms as the crystals can be charms for necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. It is recommended that you keep the stone in close contact with you when you are utilizing its helpful and soothing properties.

You can keep the Amethyst crystal by you by keeping it in your pocket. This can be really helpful to ease your worries when you are about to go into a stressful situation such as taking an exam or going for a job interview.

A great way of harnessing crystal power is of course by wearing it as an item of jewellery as this provides constant skin on skin contact. The Amethyst stone will help keep you calm and will help you think more clearly as well when you are doing these things.

crystals for anxiety


In order to boost the power of the Amethyst properties, you will want to take the stone and keep in your hands while you meditate to help cleanse your mind and to keep you calm.  Here is a simple amethyst calming meditation to get your started...

  • Close your eyes, hold your crystal and imagine yourself and the crystal surrounded by a loving purple light.
  • Imagine this beautiful purple light now pulsating and pouring calming and tranquil energy into you.
  • Once feeling this powerful energy surrounding you, then Imagine a purifying white smoke of light entering your body on every inhale of breath.
  • On every exhale of breath, imagine a darker smoke of light exiting your body that contains all of your stored negative energy and tension. 

There isn’t a set time for this meditation; simply trust your instincts.When you feel your energy shift, that is when your meditation for anxiety is complete.


It is important to cleanse your stone as it does absorb the energies that you are dispelling. It is very easy to cleanse the Amethyst crystal as all you need to do is keep it by your windowsill during the day for several hours for it to soak up the sunlight. You can also keep it on the windowsill overnight during a full moon which is also great for cleansing. 

Other stones that also can help reduce anxiety in addition to the Amethyst are: 

  • Rose quartz
  • Clear Quartz
  • Howlite
  • Kyanite
  • Shungite
  • Sodalite