Jasper Dalmation Meaning

MEANING: Health, Well-being, Protection

Known as the “supreme nurturer”, this gemstone is a symbol of health, well-being, and mental clarity. Dating back to ancient civilisations, shamans and healers would use this stone for well-being and protection. It is said to protect against stress, depression and negative thinking. If you have been drawn to this stone it could be that you may benefit from its cleansing and healing energy. This stone is known to act as a cleanser, to help align and balance your mental state. This stone is said to be an instant pick me up. It will fill you with positive energy and will also help to balance you. It is said to dispel any dysfunctional energy and fill your life with positive energies.


To activate this crystal, sit quietly, holding the crystal in your hands. Visualise a bright white light surrounding it. State your intention for your crystal - for example "this crystal will help me to constantly discover new ways to improve my health."


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