Opalite Meaning

Opalite Crystal Healing MeaningMEANING: Confidence, Strength, Persistence 


If you have been drawn to this Opalite crystal, it could mean that you may benefit from its successful energies. Opalite is the stone of confidence. It is a beautiful, milky and translucent stone sometimes known as the "Merchant Stone." It is often called this as it is used to help achieve success in business, work and education. This is a synthetic stone based on Opal and originates from Asia. Despite its synthetic origin, Opalite has been long associated with various healing benefits. 

It is said that this stone can help ease our nerves, giving us the strength and confidence to reach our highest potential. Opalite is therefore a stone that you should wear if you wish to harness and increase your personal power. This stone symbolises power and strength for the wearer to help maximise your inner belief. It is said to enhance self-acceptance and trust so that you can be the best version of you.


To activate this crystal, sit quietly, holding the crystal in your hands. Visualise a bright white light surrounding it. State your intention for your crystal - for example "this crystal will help me to be confident, powerful and successful" 



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