Rose Quartz Crystal Meaning

Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Meaning

MEANING: Love, Romance, Intimacy

Rose Quartz is the stone of the heart. It symbolises eternal and everlasting love for ourselves and others. It is said to enhance and attract love and romance in virtually any situation. Rose Quartz promotes strength of heart, romance and the ability to love. It can restore harmony to existing relationships and encourages unconditional love. This powerful crystal can also provide comfort and reassurance, especially in times of grief. Rose Quartz is gently able to clear negative energies and replace them with loving vibrations. If you have been drawn to this beautiful pink gemstone it could mean you would benefit from it's loving energy.


To activate this crystal, sit quietly, holding the crystal in your hands. Visualise a bright white light surrounding both you and the crystal. State your intention for your crystal - for example "this crystal will help me to not only attract love but feel self love and love for all."


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