Hello, my name is Violet, the founder of Cosmic Crystals, and I’d love to share with you my very personal story of how Cosmic Crystals was born. 

The Lowest of the Lows  

Nine years ago, I hit a real low point in my life. I was working in a corporate advertising job in London. Like most jobs, these days, it consumed all my time and energy. I was working with some of the World's biggest brands and in an ultra-cool city, but I couldn’t shake off this constant feeling of being lost. I understand that for some people that this would have been their dream, but it only gave me the persistent feeling of emptiness.
Unfortunately, the work & the city environment exasperated my panic attacks to the point that I just could no longer control them through coping mechanisms. They would come on in the most random of places and at the most random of times. I felt like I lost control of my own body and eventually I started to believe that I was weak person because everyone else around me didn’t react in the same way that I did.

The Wise Woman 

One evening when I was feeling particularly low, a leaflet was posted through the door to go to a mediation night. I showed it to my mum and given how we both felt we decided to give it a go. Whilst there, a little old lady in the group approached me and complimented the crystal necklace that I was wearing.
“Ahh…that’s a beautiful sodalite crystal. I'll show you how to use it if you like?’
I was very intrigued as I didn’t actually know what the crystal I was wearing was or what it meant for that matter. She went on to explain to me its meaning and said that after the session was done, she would meet me outside and tell me how to use it.
I was intensely fascinated as I had no knowledge about this. As the session came to a close, I had almost forgotten about her offer but as I went to leave, the wise lady was waiting outside for me in the cold car park. 
She asked me to take my crystal necklace off and hold it out in front of me. She explained how I could “activate it’s energy” by imagining a white light emanating from the crystal and by sending it love. 
She explained that I could ask it questions by using it as a pendulum that would then swing from left to right for a “no” or back and forth for a “yes” I tried it out and it seemed to work! I really could not believe what I was seeing. Her final message to me was that I had to ‘share crystals with many people in the future’. 

Discovering Crystal Energies 

A few days after the meditation class, my mum decided to surprise me with a gift. She handed me a large piece of Citrine Crystal. As she handed it over, within a flash the entire idea of Cosmic Crystals came to me.
I’d never really experienced a flash of insight like this before so could only guess it was from holding the crystal. I knew I needed to provide people with crystals and make it understandable what each stone meant and how to use them. Within 1 week the first draft of my website was built. I was beyond excited as it was just like the lady at the mediation class had predicted.
Cosmic Crystals went live (*drum roll please*) and …. nothing. Literally nothing happened.

Back to Life – Back to Reality 

At time, with my confidence being so low, I ended up thinking that this flash of insight was just a delusion. Reality hit hard. Everyday continued to be anxiety, long hours and panic attacks.
But the Crystals kept glimmering in my consciousness. During my workday I would play on the site in the background and make some tweaks and adjustments. I’d think of new ideas, add new necklaces and slowly but surely a couple would sell.
I became fascinated with energy work and wanted to learn and more about the world of crystals. I trained in reiki, took crystal courses and read countless books on ancient wisdom and spirituality. 
Two years eventually went by until I could finally no longer take my corporate job anymore. My skin had broken out in acne, I was stressed and crying far too much. There had to be more to life than spending 4 hours a day travelling to a job where I was having panic attacks in my lunch break. Enough was enough and I decided to quit.

Taking the Leap of Faith 

My plan was ‘I’d just sell my crystals at fairs’ even if it meant I had to work other jobs to support it. I booked a stall at a local Christmas Fair to sell them on a stand. I couldn’t have predicted what happened next.
My stand had a huge queue all day and we pretty much sold out within the first day. People of all ages were fascinated by the crystal meanings and how they could help them. I was on such a high I could not believe it. Finally, my dream was becoming more real. People really wanted crystals and they could really help them. 
After the success of the fair, my confidence grew, and I began to rely on my intuition more. I’d get more and more insights of what to do next. Within months my online business grew rapidly. At first, we posted them out from my parents’ spare bedroom until we quickly outgrew this too. 
We then moved to a warehouse until we outgrew that and then onto yet another bigger one. The dream had become reality and the Crystals powered the positive energies throughout.

Our Mission

Today, we have a beautiful team of people to help serve many thousands of people all around the world by connecting them to meaningful crystals and explaining their ancient meanings. 
It is my wish to continue to spread the power of crystals to as many people as possible in order to help them reach their highest potential. 
This is exactly why Cosmic Crystals' mission is to:
 “Promote the power of positivity, one crystal at a time”.

Spreading Positivity 

I’m glad you’re here to be a part of this journey with us and you too can start feeling the powerful healing and transformative effects of crystals. I have carefully chosen powerful crystals that symbolise areas in life you can focus your positive intentions on. Incorporating crystals into your life can help you shift into a much more positive mindset as they can be your symbol for change and improvement.  
Your own personal journey has led you to this moment and while you’re here, I just want to remind you that no matter what's happening in your life now, never give up on your dream! 
What keeps our team truly motivated is hearing from our customers about their personal journey with crystals. People are drawn to Crystals and Crystals are drawn to people but there’s always a beautiful story that connects the two.
Don’t be afraid to share your story with others, especially us.
Sending you lots of positive energy,