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Crystals are more than just pretty rocks – they're energy alchemists!

Every crystal holds a unique energetic frequency that resonates with different intentions. When you infuse your desires into a crystal, it becomes like a magnet. It starts to align your energy with your desires and puts the Law of Attraction into hyperdrive. This energetic harmony is the foundation of crystal manifestation. 

In this free 34 page guide you'll learn... 

✨ How crystal manifestation works
How to overcome self-sabotage
✨ Powerful crystal healing techniques
✨ Choose and activate your crystals
✨ Craft your own powerful intentions
✨ Detect and remove blockages
✨ Heal your mind/body with crystals 
✨ Subconcious mind meditations
✨ Become a magnet for your desires

Imagine waking up every morning with a sense of purpose, knowing that you have the power inside to create the life you desire.. 

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    About The Author

    Violet Rose, the founder of Cosmic Crystals, is here to guide you on your crystal journey. With over a decade of experience in crystal and reiki healing, along with being a Certified Life Coach, she's dedicated to helping you reach your fullest potential. 

    With her practical know-how and spiritual insight, she'll show you how to use crystals in amazing ways. Having already assisted well over 220,000 customers with Cosmic Crystals, Violet Rose is well-equipped to guide you. 

    She has made this free resource as the Cosmic Crystals team are all about empowering you through crystals to unlock your fullest potential.

    Violet Rose

    Cosmic Crystals Founder

    Frequently Asked Questions...

    1. Q. Why is this guide free?
      A:At Cosmic Crystals, we're all about empowering you through crystals as we want to guide you in unlocking your fullest potential. That's why we're thrilled to provide you with exclusive insights on using and activating your gemstones. Plus, when you enter your email we'll keep you updated on powerful crystal guidance and special offers as we journey together.
    2. Q. What Format Will I Receive This In?
      A:Your 34 page FREE ebook is a digital file that will be sent to you as a link to view after you enter your email. Simply enter your email and we will send you a link straight away!