How Crystals Work

Have you ever wondered how crystals are said to work and how you could benefit from them? To understand crystals we first need to understand the energy of the universe!

Did you know that everything in life is made up of pure vibration? Even though it may not look like it, matter is not static but is instead a mass of moving particles and atoms. Everything you can see is actually made up of vibrational energy. Every mineral, plant, animal and human has its own form of vibration.

All of the vibrations of the planet are in constant interaction with one another and connect all life together. Crystals are no exception to this and are also not just static. They are growing, moving, changing and interacting with the environment. They form part of the subtle energy that surrounds us. When we become aware of the moving energy around us we can protect ourselves from the negative vibrations and learn to attract the positive vibrations.

Crystals are classified as minerals and just like us, the mineral kingdom receives its life-force energy from the sun. Crystals use the energy of the sun to absorb, store and send out powerful rays of healing energy when they are activated by light and intention.

Crystals are a natural conductor of electromagnetic energy, which is why they are said to have strong healing powers. Most of us benefit from the powerful energy of crystals in our everyday life without even realising it. Quartz crystal is used in computers, electronics, office equipment and many other electronic devices.

They are able to amplify the purity of white light and can be used to balance and cleanse our own energy field (aura). They are said to emit a force field of light that creates protection against negativity. They have been used for thousands of years to de-crystallise the knots and blockages in our system and bring back the natural flow of energy into our bodies.

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