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Hey, I'm Violet – the crystal enthusiast who started Cosmic Crystals. Today we provide hundreds of thousands of healing crystals around the world to happy homes. Each working their magic to inspire and provide support for our wonderful customers. However this wasn't always the case... 

Get ready to dive into the story behind our journey and discover how crystals can seriously boost your potential...


Rising from the Depths

Several years ago, life had me in a headlock. I was caught up in a corporate career in London that left me drained and ragged. Even though I was rubbing shoulders with high profile agencies and global brands, it was eating away at my energy. The result? Sky-high anxiety, random panic attacks, and my skin erupting in furious acne. I felt like I was swimming upstream while everyone else was on a serene float downstream.


The Crystal Whisperer

Then, out of the blue, a meditation night appeared on my radar. An elderly lady in the group spotted my crystal necklace – a blue sodalite. She was intrigued and started chatting about its energy. She told me how to tap into its energy, and even how to use it like a pendulum for answers. She told me one day I would sell crystals all around then world! I was blown away. 



Cosmic Crystals Takes Shape
Soon after, my mum handed me a massive Citrine Crystal. And like a bolt from the blue, the whole idea for Cosmic Crystals popped into my head. In less than a week, I had a website up and running, almost like I was fulfilling the prophecy from the meditation lady.


Not Exactly a Stellar Debut

But here's the twist – launch day came and went without much fanfare. Doubts started sneaking in, whispering that maybe my "brilliant idea" was just a pipe dream. I put on my sensible hat and figured I had to face reality.

 Yet, those crystals just wouldn't let go of me. I kept tweaking the website on the sly, and guess what? A few crystals actually found new homes. Slowly but surely, things started picking up.


Riding the Energy Wave

I dove headfirst into the world of energy work. Think reiki, crystal studies, and a whole lot of spiritual exploration. Three years down the road, I decided to pull the plug on the corporate rat race. A big breakup, acne all over my face, and way too many tears convinced me that life was meant for more than panic attacks during lunch breaks.


Taking the Leap

I thought, "Hey, I'll just sell crystals at fairs!" I didn't care if it meant juggling other jobs – I knew it would make me happier. So, I found a spot at a local Christmas Fair. Little did I know what was about to happen.



From Zero to Hero
The response was mind-blowing. The fairgoers were all about the crystal meanings and how they could level up their lives. I was on cloud nine. Finally, my dream was getting real. People were loving our Cosmic Crystals and I was certain these gems could make a difference in their lives.



Listening to My Gut
Empowered by my gut feelings and some serious meditation, I steered my online venture. From a corner of my parents' spare room, we grew into a warehouse. And then, guess what? We outgrew that too! We moved on to an even bigger space. The vision was becoming reality, and the energy from these crystals was making it all happen!



 Our True North Today

Fast forward to today and we're now able to provide thousands of crystals to beautiful customers. Each crystal is lovingly handpicked, cleansed and shipped out with love. We're a close-knit team, all aboard the Cosmic Crystals mission train. We're here to connect thousands of people all around the world like you with crystals that have serious meaning.

Our mission? It's simple:

"To Unlock Your Fullest Potential With Crystals."


Embrace the Crystal Magic

As you hop on this transformational journey with us, get ready to soak in the enchantment of Cosmic Crystals. Our handpicked gems are like mini powerhouses of positivity.

They'll help you balance your energy, tap into your intuition, and feel amazing. Crystals aren't just pretty – they're symbols of change and progress. When you choose the right crystal, it's like you're inviting its unique energy into your life.

That energy can help balance your emotions, calm your mind, and even boost your overall well-being. They can help inspire you and give you the courage and insights to take the next step in your journey just like in my own story. 




You've Got This!

No matter where you are in life, remember you've got what it takes. Even when things get tough, keep chasing those dreams. What keeps us going is hearing from folks like you – sharing stories of how crystals have transformed your lives.

There's something magical about the bond between people and crystals, and we're all in on it.

Sending you lots of love,