Let me introduce myself. I'm Violet Rose, founder and lover of all things crystal.
Cosmic Crystals started as I had been suffering with anxiety and stress, was covered in acne and barely wanted to leave the house at one point. Everything felt out of control so I started looking into alternative remedies to help me. I began to learn about the power of crystals in terms of healing the body and mind. I purchased a crystal necklace & spent 30 days practising positive affirmations when wearing it. Every time I wore my necklace, I practised gratitude and felt it's positive vibrations. Gradually my mental state started to improve and my anxiety and skin issues lessened.
I decided that others would benefit from this knowledge so I decided to start sharing crystal necklaces and their meanings with others. I started selling Crystals at fairs and events and they sold out straight away!! I quickly realised that these were working and making people feel uplifted and more positive!


From these humble beginnings, we’ve now sold many thousands of crystals all around the world.

It’s is now my goal to promote the power of positivity through crystals to as many people as possible so that we can all feel our best and harness their energy. 

It is my wish that you can benefit from their unique qualities and feel empowered from them too. I have carefully handpicked a range of gorgeous gemstones to boost key aspects of your life that are both beautiful yet incredibly meaningful and powerful. 



Crystals have been used for over 9,000 years to help energetically heal people. Each Cosmic Crystal has been carefully chosen based on their ancient meanings and associated healing properties.

We have chosen crystals that symbolise areas in life you can focus your positive intentions on. Whether you believe in the healing properties of crystals or not, it has been proven that the more energy you put into your positive thoughts, the more positivity you bring back to you. Incorporating crystals into your life can help you shift into a much more positive mindset as they can be your symbol for change and improvement.