Let me introduce myself. I'm Violet Rose, founder and lover of all things crystal.
Cosmic Crystals (formally Conscious Crystals) was born from my desire to share my knowledge of ancient healing crystals with others. It is my wish that you can benefit from their unique qualities and enjoy them too. I have carefully handpicked a range of gorgeous gemstones to boost key aspects of your life that are both beautiful yet incredibly powerful.


Crystals have been used for over 9,000 years to help energetically heal people. Each Cosmic Crystal has been carefully chosen based on their ancient meanings and associated healing properties.We have chosen crystals that symbolise areas in life you can focus your positive intentions on. Whether you believe in the healing properties of crystals or not, it has been proven that the more energy you put into your positive thoughts, the more positivity you bring back to you.



How/when did cosmic crystals start ?

Cosmic Crystals started around 3 years ago. I had been suffering with anxiety and stress myself and barely wanted to leave the house at one point. I started to learn about the power of thoughts/intentions and the power of crystals in terms of healing the body. Having done lots of research, I purchased a crystal necklace for myself and spent 30 days practising positive affirmations. Every time I wore my crystal necklace it reminded me to practise gratitude and feel it's positive vibrations. Gradually my mental state started to improve and my anxiety lessened. I decided that other people would benefit from this knowledge so decided to start sharing crystal necklaces and meanings with others. 

Who came up with the name? 

I came up with the name Cosmic Crystals to remind us that both we humans and the crystals are all part of the intelligent entities that form our amazing cosmic universe! Our bodies are literally made up from the stars and cosmos so it connects us to the beauty and elements that are found within crystals. 

What was the original goal for your company? 

My goal was to promote the power of positivity to as many people as possible and help anyone suffering from personal issues to find a bit of magic in life by using and wearing crystals. I wanted to create an easy way for people to know what the ancient meanings are behind beautiful gemstones so that they can benefit from their healing benefits too. 

What got you into Crystals?

I have always been fascinated with crystals since being a little girl. I remember at primary school fairs collecting them and keeping them by my bed without knowing what they meant. I think most people are drawn to their natural and mystical beauty as its hard not to be. 

Because a spiritualists main practice includes healing Crystal's, do you also consider yourself a Spiritualist? 

I am a spiritualist and love to read and learn as much as possible on this subject to expand my awareness and awakening daily. I am also a qualified life coach and reiki healer so understand the importance of mindset as well as the energy flow within our bodies and how this needs to be balanced for overall well being. 

What is your favourite Crystal and why? 

My favourite crystal is Amethyst. With my name being Violet, I have alway been drawn to anything purple! I think that in its pure form nothing is more beautiful than a giant Amethyst Geode and the peaceful vibrations it emits. 

What message do you want to express to people looking to buy your product for the first time? 

My main message to people is that there IS magic in life. Whether you believe in the healing and balancing power of crystals or not, when you can make a shift in your mindset you can make miracles happen. The simple act of incorporating crystals into your life can help you shift into a much more positive mindset as they can be your symbol for change and improvement.