Let me introduce myself. I'm Violet Rose, founder and lover of all things crystal.

Cosmic Crystals (formally Conscious Crystals) was born two years ago from a desire to share my knowledge of ancient healing crystals with others. It is my wish that you can benefit from their unique qualities and enjoy them too. 

I have carefully handpicked a range of gorgeous gemstones to boost key aspects of your life that are both beautiful yet incredibly powerful.

To boost your crystal positivity further, a part of every purchase you make also goes to support mental health charity "YoungMinds"



Crystals have been used for over 9,000 years to help energetically heal people. 

Each Cosmic Crystal has been carefully chosen based on their ancient meanings and associated healing properties.

We have chosen crystals that symbolise areas in life you can focus your positive intentions on. 

Whether you believe in the healing properties of crystals or not, it has been proven that the more energy you put into your positive thoughts, the more positivity you bring back to you.



To promote the "Power Of Positivity" and support mental health, we have partnered with YoungMinds charity.

YoungMinds are the UK’s leading charity championing the wellbeing and mental health of young people.

Cosmic Crystals is not a non-profit organisation. We are a for-profit company with giving and support at our core.