We absolutely love hearing your stories about how Cosmic Crystals are working for you. Check out some of our customers testimonials... 

crystal healing necklace, cosmic crystals, crystal jewellery

"I wear all 4 of mine most of the time!! The one I wear the most at the moment is for success. I have friends ask me where they are from and I know they have purchased them from you too - Be sure to keep up the amazing items in your store"

@Jesstiregirlsclub | Wearing - Confidence Triangle



crystal healing necklace, cosmic crystals, crystal meaning

 "I love my new crystal. I've never used crystals before and i'll admit I was doubtful. But I can honestly say I had a day yesterday absolutely filled with love from various people 💖"

@Jodiepixie | Wearing - Love Necklace Silver



cosmic crystal necklaces, crystal healing necklace

 "I definitely 100% notice a difference when I wear it and I even bought mum one and my boyfriend the chakra bracelet"

@Yasminlj | Wearing - Love Necklace Gold



"I've had so many friends ask me where this is from and that they want one too! Want to start building up a bit of a collection of these as need the success one too now!"

@Paulamay88 | Wearing - Creativity Hex Silver



"Just messaging to say I've ordered 2 crystals for myself and 1 for my mum this week and we absolutely love them!! Im also made up that you send an email what to do with crystals when you first get them so helpful plus fast delivery. We will be getting loads more so thank you again 😊"

@xsamanthalouise9 | Wearing - Positivity Raw



"Still so in love with my necklace from @cosmic_crystals_official. So pretty! I wear this one for tranquility, clarity, serenity, healing, raised awareness and intuition"

@katys_wjourney | Wearing - Peace Necklace Gold



"All I can say is I absolutely love them! 🙌🏻💫"

@sahburgin | Wearing - Positivity Silver




"I got three necklaces including the one i'm wearing currently. Ive charged them up for 8 hours and starting to programme them. Absolutely love them! Amethyst has been my favourite since I was a bit younger but since buying from you i've discovered more that I love."

@nlmblog | Wearing - Love Triangle Silver 



cosmic crystals, crystal healing necklace, crystal with meaning

"So happy with my @cosmic_crystals_official Opalite Confidence Necklace. It goes so well with my other Opalite stone 😍"

@saraarianna | Wearing - Confidence Triangle Silver



"Recieved my Rose Quartz today thank you so much. I also bought an Opalite too. 😊 That one is my favourite. I dont feel complete unless I have that one on haha 😆"

@saraarianna | Wearing - Love Triangle Silver


cosmic crystals. healing crystals

"So many pieces of jewellery to choose from so this really helped! My necklace came within 2 days of ordering so this really helped and it came beautifully packaged."

@meg.f.m | Wearing - Health Original Silver 



cosmic crystals, healing crystal jewellery

"Love my necklace and haven't took it off. I was instantly drawn to this site and have been blown away by the customer service"

@golddustgypsy | Wearing - Creativity Silver



cosmic crystals, crystal healing, healing crystals

"This necklace has helped me with letting go and trusting in the universe instead of trying to control everything"

@rachel_kats | Wearing - Peace Silver



"In love with my necklace and this site. Ive built up a collection of 5 crystals now and keep telling my friends all about crystals now and how to use them"

@katyV_england | Wearing - Creativity Silver


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